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Excellent condition, functions perfectly, boxed.   Everything included as per photos.
Hi, yes still for sale.
Don't really use my Millett any more, so I'm selling it along with my STEPS.   It's an original circuit board (no diamond buffers) that I re-wired with Homegrown Audio cable. All capacitors have been replaced with boutique counterparts in the maximum value recommended per the original layout. It comes with several sets of tubes (12fm, ae, fk), as well as halo tube dampers and a very nice STEPS power supply.   All appropriate cables are included as well, minus...
Bought EA Offramp Turbo 2, top bloke! Many thanks.
Hi guys, I'm currently running the following off my PC, I mainly listen to FLAC or HQ MP3 on Foobar. M-Audio Transit USB (digital optical output), [soon to be Empirical Audio Off-Ramp Turbo 2] > Chord DAC64 > Millet Hybrid headphone amp > Sennheiser HD650 headphones. Any thoughts on where the weakest link is and what part I could upgrade to significantly improve the SQ of my system. Thanks!
No worries, found it... Adaptor - BNC Male Plug to RCA Phono Female Socket PAIR on eBay, also, CCTV Security Cameras, Security Equipment, Consumer Electronics (end time 23-Feb-09 06:11:59 GMT)
Hi guys, Just purchased a Chord DAC64 (MarkI), i want to hook up my digital TV tuner via spdif coax, it the Chord only has a small spdif2 input?? How can I hook it up?
Bump, need AES?EBU output now! Idiot I am, missed out on that one.
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