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Nice looking amp
A very barebones chassis build but a full featured amp nonetheless.    Up for sale is this EHHA with an AMB S22 power supply with oversize toroid power supply.    The amp has a heater delay circuit built in that triggers after 15-20 seconds before the plate voltages are applied.    Comes with a NOS pair of Valvo 6GM8s. MOSFET output devices. Normal gain of 8.    ALPS RK27 pot. one set of RCA inputs only.    Price is 400 plus shipping.  CON US only.    Prefer...
Hit me up in about 6-7 weeks time. It should make its way back over to me. I am in your neck of the woods. 
 Huh? Where the hell are you reading my prior post as an excuse.  I said I liked my Pm1. Can't make it more clear than that. The accusation that it 'might'  be defective is being made by other PM1 owners.  I haven't heard any other Pm1 to make that determination side by side for myself.  But to make sure, I said I will look into sending it back for an inspection. 
The one purrin heard and ultrabike took measurements of is mine. I was one of the beta users and I am not sure it's a defective unit or notI like the Oppo. It has no one amazing stand out quality but it doesn't have a terrible Anomaly to it either, at least to my ears. I don't know what to say other than I will check in with Oppo to do an inspection on my PM1 when I get them back.Although it is making the rounds to about 5 folks for a week each as part of a loaner program.
a magnepan 1.6 with a 100W class A amp..pure bliss at a rock bottom price point. Miss my Plinius and 1.6 combo. sigh
  The good thing about the PM1 is that it sounds quite good straight out of the iPhone5S to me.  But comparing between a Cavalli DIY EHHA versus a Cavalli Liquid Fire, there is noticeable difference. The strengths and flaws of each amplifier stands out.  I haven't tried with changing DACs yet. Only use a 'lowly' Schitt Modi. 
Yes they/we were..surprised the heck out of me. Currently out on loan to Doc B at Bottlhead and then to a HF member in Seattle. I am missing it for sure.  My dBel84 modded Yamaha HP-1s are making do for now.  
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