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hey dude.. must be kismet...logged on after over a year and what do I see, my favorite source I was jsut mentioning the other day to my girl about how I missed this source. I'd love to buy this back! :D
ended up getting the CAADX!   Planning on going racing sept 1st!
Any other bikes you'd recommend? I tried the giant Tcx slr2 , felt 65x and focus maeres and specialized crux so far. I dirt bike and know the learning curve can be literally a pain in the butt I hadn't thought of the reservoirs will pay more attention to it.
definitely want to be able to do some offroading. Cyclocross seems like a ton of fun to not try. I plan to get a second set of wheels for the road, but get you on the lower COG and sharper handling on the road bike.  Any thoughts on the full hydro braking setup?
So am in the market to buy a bike. need to get back into cyclying (did a ton back in India and some during my grad school days here in portland) THinking about cyclocross and eventually sprint and half iron man triathlons someitme next year.    Looking at this particular bike.    Any opinions ?  
As the title says, selling a mint condition PM-1. Comes with both types of pads, velour and leather.  Price includes paypal and shipping within CONUS.
Nice looking amp
A very barebones chassis build but a full featured amp nonetheless.    Up for sale is this EHHA with an AMB S22 power supply with oversize toroid power supply.    The amp has a heater delay circuit built in that triggers after 15-20 seconds before the plate voltages are applied.    Comes with a NOS pair of Valvo 6GM8s. MOSFET output devices. Normal gain of 8.    ALPS RK27 pot. one set of RCA inputs only.    Price is 400 plus shipping.  CON US only.    Prefer...
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