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 I had a feeling they'd be similar, ah well plenty others to try. Trouble is i love my EPH100's, and finding something similar if not better is tricky, i was thinking SM64's perhaps but build quality has me questioning them.
Thing is how do they compare to the FXZ200 seeing as i have a pair it might be pointless if the difference is marginal.   So tempted to buy them from amazon yesterday.
Yeah thought as much, hopefully someone will know of a good alternative.
Anyone know where I can get replacement tips. Mine have finally given up.
 Just a really good value iem. i just had a b2b with them and the eph-100 is clearly a step ahead especially for trance or jazz. Just forgot what they sounded like as the mediadevils was always in use.
I'll have to do another back to back, but for the money nothing touches my mediadevil artisanphonics.   I have quite a few iems including the eph-100 and i still find myself using the above phones all the time.   Open, spatial and with quite a punch and low end rumble to the bass. They work so well with all kinds of music, but edm is where they really shine.
Well you get srs, Dolby, beats and other modes but I mostly use the eq.There's no clarity mode or anything of the like, I'll have a nose later on perhaps the audio mod is an addition.As for arhd it's like an improved stock rom. If like me you like to fiddle than you'll love viper.
  I've moved on since then. I'm running the whole viper rom and loving it even more.You get a full eq and quite a few other tweaks to play with along with sense 6. But obviously if you're happy i too would be wary about changing things.
  Have a look at the mediadevil artisanphonics, i have the ehp100's and think you'll be very surprised by them.
Looks like unobtanium to me.
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