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Yes but I went with sweet rom so it replaces Samsung soundalive. Big difference to my ears, now I can tune it to my liking. The note for me has low floor noise, great for bringing details out. But it had no life, no warmth or character but now it does in spades, dare I say it tops my htc one m7 with viper bar the power output.
  Yeah i remember thinking thank christ i went with the note four. Still the S6 is a lovely looking device especially the edge, but those two caveats are a killer for me. The htc will have lovely audio, my past phone was the M7 that with a viper rom and you're laughing.
SM-N910F for Europe SM-N910K/SM-N910L/SM-N910S for Korea SM-N910C - Asia, Europe, South America SM-N910FD - United Arab Emirates SM-N910FQ - Turkey SM-N910H - Asia-Pacific SM-N910G - Singapore, India, Australia SM-N910U - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Chile SM-N910W8 - North America
Nice to know people are discovering the p4.   It's a fantastic amp, only to have been forgotten by many as it's deemed old therefore not worth looking at.   Opa combo umm i think i use OPA627, 5002BUF and bypass ground.   Warm, lush and laid back yet clear, i hate treble being too forward, to me this combo sounds similar to an old valve amp.
 Not of much use really, it's a bit subjective as i have phones here that sound 'better'But still don't match the eph100 for trance, not anywhere near it for me. We need a trance addict to give us an appraisal, then i'll make the move like you did
 Thing is with AT phones, they have a very in house sound. You'll probably find he'll have several other AT models.His hearing will be in tune with their phones, to the casual listener they can take some getting used to. I have two AT phones myself, one being the IM50, which sound nice but are an awkward fit, i'm willing to bet the CKR-9 will be similar. Hmm might sit on the fence for this, until more folks buy the Duozo, i could buy it tomorrow if i really fancied.
 Yeah tricky isn't it. As you know it's not about sq it's that the eph100 just works so damn well with trance, they just flow with the music and let you just switch off, no other phone has this kind of effect for me. Very tempted to try the Duoza mind, now the price on ebay is a more sensible level.
Has anyone seen the Yamaha EPH-W32. Now I'm very interested in grabbing these asap seeing as they have an aptx Bluetooth unit, plus my eph-100 have died anyway.
  Technically it is, as it's for the eu market so comes with the same warranty and it's compatible with the same bands. You are right in that only uk carriers stock the snapdragon, but i went for the superior exynos edition. http://www.handtec.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-note-4-32gb-frost-white-sm-n910c.html
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