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Well cheers guys, you've done it again sigh....   Gone and bought me the senfer 4in1, have to admit they look pretty darn sweet. Will be my first ba/dd hybrid which should be interesting, haven't really liked any of my multi dynamic iem's if I'm honest. Gonna run them with my elcom bluetooth amp, should make for an awesome carry round system.   What size tips do they use, ue or shure sized? Also does it have a cable slider for the silver, and is the tennmak silver...
I'm a terrible caffeine addict, I go through a litre of coffee a day luckily it's decaf. I reserve my real stimulat use for the gym, usually cannibal ferox amped which has all kinds thrown in.   Truth be told it's barely touching the sides, not from overuse more my getting older, my body just plain refuses to give me any more. So I'm forced to find alternate means of energy, luckily ashwaghanda is really hitting that spot.   Saying that I've been drinking good illy...
Trying to use my 50mm more.  
Anyone know what charger this uses. Gone and left mine at my old place.
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