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  Technically it is, as it's for the eu market so comes with the same warranty and it's compatible with the same bands. You are right in that only uk carriers stock the snapdragon, but i went for the superior exynos edition.
  All depends, im from the uk and have the 910C Exynos   Installed sweet rom as i badly wanted viper, and it's made hell of an improvement, now i can really enjoy this device. Still can't get viper to play with km player, but i'll find a way perhaps use the sabre dac to force it. Edit - Sorted it, it does work well but viper picks it up as a speaker, so i lose some functionality but it works very well so im happy.
Right then. Just got my HiFimeDIY Sabre dac. Adds a much fuller sound right from the dac itself, and seems a bit more powerful. Edit - Yup better least a move in the right direction. A cheap way to improve the sound for sure. Works with all players I've thrown at it. Obviously I'll need to use an amp to get the best from it, I'll see if I can find an audio lead for my p4 Edit - Ok no amped yet as im awaiting a cable, but after trying various phones it's hard for me...
Any 2014 threads? Just got my order in.
 How's you manage to get viper on it, im assuming you're rooted? Went for the exynos in the end, though less dev support it outperforms the snapdragon by a fair margin, little to no lag and that wolfson dac. Only trouble is my eph-100's now sound too bright, but my meelec m11's now sound fantastic. Sigh just can't win........
Anyone tried this with something like the hifimedia sabre dac or a dragonfly.   I have me a p4 warbler, so got plenty of power on tap should i need it.   Nice to know it works well with the merlins, should pair well with my sleek ct6 i'd imagine.   Gone with the snapdragon in frost white, as rom support will be far better, i can always buy a dac/amp if i need to improve things.
 I had a feeling they'd be similar, ah well plenty others to try. Trouble is i love my EPH100's, and finding something similar if not better is tricky, i was thinking SM64's perhaps but build quality has me questioning them.
Thing is how do they compare to the FXZ200 seeing as i have a pair it might be pointless if the difference is marginal.   So tempted to buy them from amazon yesterday.
Yeah thought as much, hopefully someone will know of a good alternative.
Anyone know where I can get replacement tips. Mine have finally given up.
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