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It has always been a standard answer to not use a transformer output amp without using the load matching resistor. The few amps I did try with an output transformer got very hot. If the ZDT works then that's an exception but Craig would know. Is the ZDT a transformerless output? It does use output transformers so this is a rare exception that will play the 6s.
Yes you will need the adapter box for that combo. I would also suggest that may not be powerful enough to run the 6s to their full potential.
Oh the 6s are very discerning to differences in DACs but that should be the last upgrade. Amps are so different that it's best to find the match for your tastes with the 6s before going down the DAC road. JMO DACs have less differences than amps.
Not the best or worst.
What is your source?
Before dropping the bucks for a Rag. for the 6s, type in the unit in the HE-6 thread. Less expensive amps with better performance with the 6s can be had.
You won't use the 150 but the power supply will have the reserves for the 6s.
There are a lot who've "been there, done that". Do your thang and join the crowd.
Yes it can be used. As mentioned and I think prudent to continue to mention, always keep your volume knob at 0/low when using any headphone on a speaker amp. Don't think planars are the only headphone that can be used either. The noise floor is the only thing that may be a turnoff on more sensitive headphones but you won't know until you try. Also, make sure if you use a common return/ground headphone that your amp is also a common return/ground output. The way to confirm...
So if you take the diaphragm out, it will levitate?
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