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I'm a slow mover. Took me 5 years to upgrade my K701. It's been 5 years that I've had the HE-6 (or close to). As I get older, I lose hearing so I think I've found the tipping point for investing. No sense having the best if you can't hear it and I don't have enough friends to buy it for them to crow over.
LOL. Stop making new phones so my "best" investment stays "best".
I'm not surprised by you findings. I'm finding an amp that can handle planar and stats can handle the HE pretty well. My Martin Logans sing on the B&K. I'd sacrifice two channels for the 6 but my little Rotels still keep me happy and the rearranging is discouraging.
All the time (year) the hype had Schiit on the pinnacle of design and performance with this new amp. Phaw......
Good luck to your team and let the real season begin.
The adapter was made to offer a closer 8 ohm load to transformer coupled amps. It also burns power so that you can't over drive the headphone on a large wattage amp (80 watts or above). The only reason to burn power is if you have no headroom on your volume control. Meaning you have very little movement between making sound and being too loud and are attenuating the signal by burning power through a series resistor. People have and are using speaker amps in excess of 100w...
planars want to be strangled with a decent power supply. One with lighting quick damping and overkill current delivery. Getting loud levels is not where we listen. I want all the qualities I can get from the driver with as little db as needed. So I use speaker amp(s) with all the juice they want. Overkill says I care .... But quality power has been built and is still as good today. The headphone only draws what is needed for the db desired. Just control the signal strengh...
My B&K (5720) isn't a Simaudio Moon but bettered my Rotels. It has plenty to satisfy the 6s. More of everything than the monoblocks. Unfortunately it runs my HT rig but should I run across a value 2 channel B&K I would be content.
Guess it depends on where you've come from as to how the Hifiman amp performs. I thought it sounded flat with little space in the aoundstage. So many commented we were eccentric in our judgment comparing speaker amps to what the HE6 designer built specifically for it. After the dust settled, more comments have confirmed the EF6 is bettered. For the price of the EF6, you can do better for less with a decent used speaker amp.
Welcome to the speaker amp club.
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