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Here I sit five years later for his latest show and he still has the spirit but his best is fading. His vocals are not the Paul we love. So goes life. As I sit here in judgment, he pulls out Blackbird. Sigh. He'll always be Paul.
The power supply determines the performance of an amp. I can't tell you what the particulars are to search for but the better amps are ones that put the investment in it's components and not in cabinets and meters. The First Watt amps are known for their speed and accuracy (and weight). The F1J would give all the bass and impact at low volumes. Other amps don't sound as good until you put more power into it. That's because the performance isn't linear from the first sound...
The Krell will smoke the Beta but won't play well with your LCDs. The Beta will do better with those. IMO
I was with Darryl and set up the audio store visit. The Schiit amp made the HE sound like IEMs. Constricted and two dimensional..
Mine too. That's why I went to the audio stores when trying out amps.
Tony, I am in full agreement sir. The modded 6 is a world beater. Those whose opinion I respect felt the modded 6 beat out the newer HEK. The only things he felt did better was the top end stats and the Abyss.
The I600. The presentation was not matched by anything I have heard. 3d with speaker performance.
Agreed. When the HE became popular, all the usual suspects were making small speaker amps, putting them in pretty boxes and charging thousands. Reality, old iron with updated caps still make these headtoys out to be wantabee amps. But the fanboys will have you think they are new marvels.
When I was doing some amp trials, I was in love with the Simaudio amps. The dealer told me they were going to Naim and said they out performed the Sims. I bet it would sound good as I trust this dealer.
No doubt but at $2k+, you can find a lot of speaker amps for less.
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