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Don't have this headphone but with the HE-6, the 600i was the best I've heard out of a headphone. Cable wise, I had done some swaps of ICs and a few headphone cables with subtle changes. I'd say they were like a tone control. But I was fortunate to review three pair of pure silver ICs from SilverFi. Mr. Sezai Saktanber is passionate about his music and got into making his own silver. I was stunned at the difference between some copper xlr cables and the Silverfi Rumi. It...
The impedance box trashes the dynamic response the HE-6 is so good at. Some have said they didn't find it a problem. I guess it depends on the music you listen to. I myself like the aggressiveness with hard hitting genre. The only reason the adapter box would be needed on an SS amp would be on high wattage amps to protect the headphones.
Welcome to one of the best threads following a great headphone. Sorry for your wallet.....
I'm interested in this as well.
I'm currently on firmware version 6. Do you have to do the other versions to upgrade to version 9 or can I update from 6 to 9?
You start dying as soon as you're born. Your age is your perception of reality. At 60, I've gotten good at some things and avoided the rest.
Yes, love the gauges.
When I put mine together, I'd throw out a month and get the gang to narrow it down based on everybody's schedule. Trying to get everyone to be satisfied on one date is pretty hard so just make a poll with dates for that month. Seems best to go after summer break when all the college and high school crowd is settled in. Anyway, good luck and happy listening.
I believe 10 watt resistors in series off the amp would work. A better option would be to use the smaller resistors to attenuate the feed going into the amp.The tube amp issue is regarding the impedance matching for the output transformer of the tube amp. That went across the binding posts in parallel to the driver. It brings the impedance closer to the 8 ohms it expects to see.If the Theta doesn't have a volume control, consider an inline passive volume device. I used one...
Here I sit five years later for his latest show and he still has the spirit but his best is fading. His vocals are not the Paul we love. So goes life. As I sit here in judgment, he pulls out Blackbird. Sigh. He'll always be Paul.
New Posts  All Forums: