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If you want value, consider a nodded HE6. If you have a decent speaker amp and like the HE sound, you should read some comments in the HE6 thread from those with experience with all mentioned headphones. Newer isn't always better.
http://www.head-fi.org/t/529873/amps-that-can-drive-the-hifiman-he-6-planar-headphones/2955#post_10682841http://www.head-fi.org/t/529873/amps-that-can-drive-the-hifiman-he-6-planar-headphones/2940#post_10681981Type mini-x into the search engine for http://www.head-fi.org/t/529873/amps-that-can-drive-the-hifiman-he-6-planar-headphones
Looking for something to make sound, any amp will work. Want the higher end of what the HE-6 can do, go with an SS amp without that adapter. It negatively impacts the sound. If you like the sound of tubes, put them in your source. IMO PS- the Emo mini falls into the "makes sound" category. I own stat speakers. Went through many amps before I found one that could drive them loud without destructing. Unless you can power the stat headphone with a quality amp with speed...
So many people commented that the designer wouldn't do something that would make their product sound bad and suggested we were making things up. Same with the mods. Too much faith in the designer to make a perfect product.
This was said many times but we are a minority when science says it don't matter, it should sound the same.
Take your headphones and a source to your neighborhood A/V retailer for a listen.
I would ask that question to preproman. He's had experience with the First Watt, First Pass amps and the I600. Don't know about the Krell but there are so many quality amps in that level you can go to the Audio stores with your HPs and source and give a listen to them.
Headphone amps vs speaker amps. You want some thump, bump and pump, try a decent speaker amp. One of the best I've heard with the 6s was a Simaudio Moon Evo I600.
Yes I did drive the HD-650s on it. Be careful of the volume but yes, they sound good. Make sure they are wired with separate grounds unless the amp shares a common negative.
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