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So not too many out there. I've been having battery issues with mine. It will work plugged in to the charger but won't come on in battery. If anybody has any experience with this, I'd love a tip. I've cleaned all the copper and bent the edges up to make better contact to the batteries moved the end plate around and tried different nut torques on it. Any other ideas?
With some rolling of older speaker amps, you can find great value. I'm using about $500 worth of monoblocks and it ain't bad. The key is that you are impressed with them every time you put them on.
Welcome to the club and I hope you get as much out of it as I have. Love listening to music again.
I agree with the dual magnets and I believe the gold tracing makes the HE-6 a special design. Also why it needs some power to blossom to it's potential. The company is going with lighter, faster components to keep it a "headphone" and not a earspeaker. The jury is deciding. Any of the HE-6 that have the H1K done a review? Please link if yes.
In the day, they were the standard for Ety in ears. I have a Macro IV that needs a bit of love to come alive again but do any of you still have and use these amps?
These large threads need a sticky link for technical help. So many redundant needs could be easily accessed. Search of a thread this size is a real crap shoot to the novice.
Fixed that for ya.
Felt like having a winning lottery ticket in the basement when I put the 6 on a quality speaker amp in storage. A big and the realization headphone amps are filling a marketing job for profit. Leaving common logic to try more power was a find, at least for the HE-6.
I look forward to your remarks.
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