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Fixed that for ya.To be honest, I was pleasantly impressed with my Xin Macro IV and what it does on a portable rig. Normally a 16-20 hour play was zapped in 3 hrs and very warm.
IMHumbleO, the HE-6 offers world class performance for the value. I love the highs of a stat and the mids properly amped also hold high esteem. Bass is tough for a reduced surface panel. While it theoretically can get the frequency, it doesn't bring the meat. The 6s are the best bass for me because it can give you very accurate bass with any instrument. Organ, drum, guitar, piano, you name it, it's done with a fullness and decay weight that's realistic and can be heard...
Sounds like a wire has been twisted until it broke or it has a cold solder joint. A solder iron and a little solder would resolve the problem. If you can't get someone, take the cable to Radio Shack or Best Buy and see if their tech could do it for you.
Under 2k, the Hilo is a peer that is hard to match. Not just for the sound but the functionability. I run a headphone rig from a laptop, I feed the speaker system and my outside speaker system from a third and use the onboard headphone amp to monitor it all.
That's it. Anyone heard one of these?
Tony, Many of us use 100+ watt amps with the 6s.
If interested, in the body of the thread is a link to a good deal for Head Fi customers.
This is a good opportunity to remove any bias and just try each. Thing with pads are they need to be broken in to determine their impact. A new pad is not what you will live with. Just throwing that out there.
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