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Your speakers will determine that. If they have posts for the highs and lows then yes, you could use the a+b position and wire a to the highs and b to the lows. The crossover will determine that. As an example, my speakers have two pair of posts for bi wiring. In this configuration, I can use a tube amp for my highs and an SS amp for my bass. If your speakers only have one pair of posts, no.
All these bass shy comments makes me think your amps are weak. Ever try a speaker amp for your headphones?
It was the planars that got headphone fans interested in using a speaker amp. Once we rigged our other headphones to try them, the secret was out. But that don't make money.
Ended up with a McDermott G308c. Liked the strike accuracy. A friend who owns a billiard shop had me strike a few balls with a McDermott, Meucci and a Viking. After about an hour of different shots, I came away with a preferred maker, then chose a decent starter. Also, got a good deal for everything.
To bump an old thread, I have recently picked back up shooting billiards and seen this thread. Any avid shooters out there? Picking up a Meucci for everyday shooting but they come with medium hard tips. I think I'd prefer a softer tip for control but haven't used one. Any feedback would be helpful.
Much to my sorrow, yes you can. I have had a bit of bad luck with regard to that capability. Live and learn.
It feels good to find a value without giving up much against the best you've heard. The itch to find the absolute best is never ending. When you finally realize you can be content with less and still sit down and get wow'ed for a bargain, you've done well. Congrats and good job. I found a competent amp with a quality front end is a winning combination.
This is the place to sell em. Like fishin in a barrel.
The mini X didn't have the agility of better amps. It's better than many headphone amps but you will find better with better/bigger amps. Preproman had the mini X for a trial and for the price, it performed accordingly.
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