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Current delivery is what we hear so a cable does have an impact. The least amount of interference should sound best. Connectors, solders, wire, electro mechanical restrictions, etc. all impact the sound. Remove as many restrictions as possible.
The Simaudio HP amp is getting pretty good reviews.
Perhaps the fuzzor mod would help those highs.
A ten watt, ten ohm resistor across the binding posts of the amp (parallel to the headphone) will change the load the amp sees. It's only necessary when using a transformer output amp. In line resistors (series to the headphone) will attenuate the output, burning off power so the headphones don't see so much. This can also be done by attenuating the signal coming into the amp. A pre with volume control does this already. Hifiman's box will do this but you can do the same...
Nothing against D.Lee but the vast majority of their posts were done in the music forum and had no value to membership. The goal has always been to be the most prolific poster. Compare their posts to U Eric or Skylab and you get the picture.
I have blown HE-6 drivers using speaker amps and made mistakes with source levels and I've also had a pair fail listening at normal levels. In every case, Hifiman has been accommodating and the price of my mistakes very fair. I do have a question about the HE-6 and servicing in the future with them being discontinued. Will they be serviced for some time yet?
The second best find in the hobby was when I took spare equipment out to try the HE-6 on. I've heard better but at a lot higher cost. The best find was performing the mods on the 6. Speaker presentation in a headphone. In my journey, I found an amp is not an amp, meaning there is sound differences in them. Most are too 2-d in presentation. Opening the stage up and keeping it open at low volume has been a goal. The blocks give great separation and imaging like balanced...
Dr Fang auditioned them at the NY meet on a Threshold SS amp when they were released.
I'm a slow mover. Took me 5 years to upgrade my K701. It's been 5 years that I've had the HE-6 (or close to). As I get older, I lose hearing so I think I've found the tipping point for investing. No sense having the best if you can't hear it and I don't have enough friends to buy it for them to crow over.
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