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I should let the gallery answer that. I've not the experience with NAD on these headphones. I have with electrostatic speakers. I started with a 50w NAD but was shown how much more they sang with a 200w B&K. But I'd guess an answer that they are going to sound better than (most) any 20w amp of it's peers.
Take them to the speaker store and try them on some quality speaker amps and I think you'll broaden your consideration.
Yup. Most people think all components as the same cause they have the same general classification. DAC, amp, etc. Spending more is only a vanity of the "idiot" and isn't any better than what "we" have. So we blissfully ignore anything above our station as extravagance.
Get a kit and learn a little about the hobby. Check out the DIY forum for ideas on kits to meet your budget. Soldering is pretty easy so 9 thumbed people have no excuse. Otherwise, I'd recommend staying away from a tube amp cause it will just be a gimmick and won't sound much like a desktop amp. Your performance curve is firmly in the SS amp at that budget unless you buy used. IMO
Hifiman has a great oh-oh policy. Had to use it a couple times.
It was hearing my seventies rock like it was remastered on the 6s. Sure a headphone will sound it's best with best material. It's how it handles the less than stellar material that impressed me.
It's a gear slingers site and they are very biased as to who they market.
The benefit of the 6s to those of us with speaker amps is we don't need to spend a dime and get world class sound. For that matter, the 500s sound pretty darn good on those same speaker amps.
Can a head fier get interest from some Lou head fiers for a meeting of the rigs? I'd bring in my sig and some extra things.
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