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I would ask that question to preproman. He's had experience with the First Watt, First Pass amps and the I600. Don't know about the Krell but there are so many quality amps in that level you can go to the Audio stores with your HPs and source and give a listen to them.
Headphone amps vs speaker amps. You want some thump, bump and pump, try a decent speaker amp. One of the best I've heard with the 6s was a Simaudio Moon Evo I600.
Yes I did drive the HD-650s on it. Be careful of the volume but yes, they sound good. Make sure they are wired with separate grounds unless the amp shares a common negative.
Preproman has had all the gear being discussed so maybe he'll chime in. The baby Emos are a student's budget kit. Not the best but better than many headphone amps. The quality used amp is the best value and many have settled with. Once you have installed your cable, you may have an interest in trying other dynamic headphones on said amp. I ran HD-800, 650, K-70x, Beyer T-1, LCD-2, etc. and the LCDs were the least impacted by the change. The others handled the speaker amp...
Makes a used pair of modded HE-6 a real bargain.
LOL.....! Testify.
Oh baby.......
The only sure way to save your gear is to remove it from power. Too much money in gear to be wasted by an act of weather.
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