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PM Sent.
  I agree with Steve...although my experience is different.   Durring the last three years, as my youngest grew from baby to toddler to "Dad, I know eveything now that I'm three", all in combination with a job two hours from home, I found little time to use my electrostats and 99.9% of listening being done through my portable rig and the JH13s.   They've been my mainstay for countless trips and are always comfortable.   Like Steve, I thoroughly cherish the time I get with...
Two questions regarding the Porta Tube. 1. Has anyone seen anything indicating whether it benefits from any 'burn in' period and, if so, what was the recommended 'burn in' time? 2. For those that have experienced it, can you make a comment on whether, like some full size tube amps, it appears to improve in SQ after a warm up period? Looking forward to any genuine replies (Please don't turn this into a diversion about whether 'burn in' or 'warm up' are valid concepts or...
BUMP to buy an iBasso DB2 Boomslang2.
Yes, John, I FULLY understand (once you have Sigmas in your collection you definitely find yourself reaching for them to enjoy their presentation of the music! )
Thanks for the update, John.  Glad to see you cherishing the sweet music these phones can offer (particularly when driven as well as from your set up).   "Stax SR-009? Who cares?"?  I reckon you would if you had the chance to try one and compare but, yes, for the extra dollars involved would the additional increments of detail add so much more to your current enjoyment? Probably not (but that doesn't mean it mightn't make a difference for others of course -...
You're likely to get a variety of opinion and the relevance for you will, IMHO, depend on the context of the advisor. My context is that I have kept my Apuresound ER4Ps as my preferred generic IEM.  I rarely use them, though, having held them for friends or family members to share the IEM experience with me.  My current IEM (for some time now) is a JH13Pro and I have a set of Livewires T1s as a back up.  I am a FLAC user, finding I hear sufficient difference from mp3 320...
It's been a while and I no longer have the time to follow as intensely as I used to but I would suspect perhaps Spritzer may have owned them all at various times?    
Still looking for an iBasso DB2 Boomslang2.   Does anyone have one they are willing to sell or loan to me?
I would like to buy an iBasso DB2 Boomslang2 (Portable Balanced DAC). If you have one for sale or are considering selling yours please let me know! Thanks.
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