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Ugh. Oh, man, if only. :( I'm close enough that shipping wouldn't be necessary, just I just don't have the cash. Damn.
I already bought it. Been using it for months. It's awesome. Highly recommended if you can find another one, but I'm not reselling this sucker. :)
Oh that's VERY interesting. I have a number of devices that could potentially benefit from this: an iBasso D1 with long-dead battery, a Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena (battery powered, but must still remain plugged in at all times), and even the motor of my Michell TecnoDec, if the proper ports could be used (unlikely, but curious). I'm definitely keen to see more about this...
 I certainly hope that it'll drop again for the same price. I have other priorities right now, but oh man do I want a pair of these... :( I also hope that I didn't com across as disrespectful in my response. It wasn't my intent. I just can't fathom how someone would find any form of the D2000 superior to the TH-X00, and I *LOVE* my D2000, which are considerably better than stock. I'm not being adversarial. I'm just confused. :P
 Huh? I compared a number of 'phones with my D2000 at the recent Philly meet, including and especially the TH-X00. My D2000 have the slightly older Dynamat Lawton DIY mod (they've since switched to a different damping material) and the old J$ pads. Both of these mods drastically improved the D2000 over the V-shaped, harsh and shouty stock sound. I love the low end of the D2000, and I hear details with them that have many people calling me a liar. The TH-X00 in stock form...
Thanks again for a great meet! Very informative for me. It was good to discover that the Audeze LCD-X and -XC we glorious and euphonic and forgiving, but perhaps a hair too forgiving for a fair bit of my listening habits. It was also great to discover that I really want to some day grab the Philips X2 and/or Fostex TH-X00 if funds ever free up. Lots of great stuff. Thanks very much, folks!
Thanks to all! I didn't stay long, but it was a gorgeous space, and the opportunity to hear so much nice gear was greatly appreciated!
Wait... VPI is going to be there!?! Oh crap, should I bring records?
*facepalm* Missed it by that much... :/
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