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I know a couple of people running VPI decks with the Eagle/Roadrunner. Excellent power stability and reliable, essentially exact & stable speed, with the sound benefits of a belt drive. I'm jealous. :) Just not in the cards for me.
Ah, yes. I started out with a Rega P2. Sounded great with a kludged mat. Went to a Technics after that for the sake of speed accuracy, discovered that the sound wasn't as good (later realizing that the stock arm, sorbothane domes, and not-so-rigid shelf setup were all likely problems), so sold that and got the TecnoDec. The TecnoDec has way better sound, a platter and bearing that likely rival the Groovetracer stuff without having to mod anything, and the ability to...
 I have wondered why I don't see more of them in people's systems... Was it unreliable, or sound issues, or just finicky with setup as I've been experiencing with the Michell?
Damn, Oracles are pretty, though.
 And that's exactly why I'm pondering switching back to a Technics. It's damned tedious. Also, Michell motors are DC, and thus are not compatible with the Phoenix Eagle or Falcon. Add to that the fact that the (really wonderful) platter is too close to the plinth to provide adequate clearance to use the sensor and magnet for the Phoenix Roadrunner, and I'm left using iPhone apps to check my speed, and the Technics to verify target speed, since RPM reports a higher than...
  Best shot that I have of my current setup. Sounds fantastic. The Audiomods Classic arm in particular is a big winner.   Dialing in the speed can be a little tedious, though, as I have to take apart the power supply to do it, and fluctuations in A/C frequency can throw off the speed. This has led me to snap up another Technics, which I stumbled across for a steal. It's helped me verify the speed when using iPhone apps Turntabulator and RPM, but having to recheck the...
Always look for 2juki on ebay for the best prices for Japanese cartridges. He(?)'s selling the DL-110 for $175 shipped right now. Damn good for that price.
Ugh. Oh, man, if only. :( I'm close enough that shipping wouldn't be necessary, just I just don't have the cash. Damn.
I already bought it. Been using it for months. It's awesome. Highly recommended if you can find another one, but I'm not reselling this sucker. :)
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