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Price drop
Price drop.
 I even feel a little bad not bringing my gear to the last meet, but my puny setup would be more useful at a smaller meet. And I'd be curious to try the pad swapping between my Denons and the different Fostex TH-X00 cans. It'd be easier to spot differences without all the extra noise of so many people.
Barely used. All original contents in original box. Didn't take out of the box for photos because the cable is very nicely resistant to tangling, but thereby very annoying to pack up. Selling simply because I just don't like the sound of armature IEMs. Like Etymotics, I find these too bright and sterile for my taste (I prefer warmer-sounding 'phones, like dynamic driver IEMs, the Sennheiser HD650, Denon AH-Dx00/Fostex TH-X00, and can't stand Etymotics, AKG K701, etc. which...
Purple for me. I'll guess Yellow for you.
Wonderful to meet so many of you, and thank you all for allowing demoing of your gear!
Last update on the hum issue: A large part of it was my fault, and due to dimmable LED lights on old-fashioned dimmer switches. Switching off these switches killed off the remaining buzz. There *IS* still a hum from the motor or possibly a transformer in the deck, but that is the price paid for having the motor and/or preamp integrated into the plinth, and doesn't actually interfere with the sound quality. Based on what I've read, Ortofon 2m cartridges (or MM carts in...
 I should certainly be available to help with setup. I can probably also bring one or two Furman PST-8D filtering power supplies to help limit the negative power impact.
Hum update: The RCA connectors need to be connected to SOMETHING. I plugged in a cheapo RCA-to-mini cable, and most (but not all) of the hum disappeared. I'm thinking of investing in some RCA caps to see if those can be used when I have the Player disconnected from anything else. I still need to address the grounding, as touching the grounding lug with my finger reduces noise even further, and I'm wondering if there's a way to lessen the effects of motor vibration...
My new addition, more forum-appropriate than most:  
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