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FWIW, I got to try the VPI Player (the replacement for the Nomad) a couple of days ago. It is a significant step up in overall quality. I even got to do some recordings this time, and really my only "gripe" was just that I don't like the 2m Red as much as my own moving coil cartridge that lists for 5-6 times as much. It's worth noting, though, that I enjoyed the recordings I made from the Player more than I did with that more expensive MC on a Technics 1200, even with a...
I still have an Apollo WT2SE double wall shelf (black, wood veneered shelves) that I'm no longer using. Worked GREAT in my apartment when mounted directly to a 2'x2' Home Depot birch plywood plank, which in turn was mounted to the wall studs. The cross beams were filled with sand, which did help as well, and I replaced the top shelf with a double stack of finer 3/4" baltic birch ply and Herbie's grungebuster dots (which I still use as my turntable platform on the top shelf...
 Holy Christ! Gorgeous and kind of insane! No nice!
Most. Pretentious. Video. Ever. :P   I wouldn't say "worst idea possible for a turntable", as eliminating the bearing contact eliminates a key source of noise. Getting something like this to work correctly would be extremely challenging and likely very expensive, however.
Seems pretty freakin' good to me! Puts my gear to shame! :)
 Man oh man, as much as I'd love to hear the Prime (and weep afterward at my inability to buy one), I a little more more curious about the VPI Player. Any chance Mat might loan you one for demoing at the meet (or just show up himself)? The Head-Fi crew is certainly the right target for it, after all. Assuming anyone would find it useful, I could bring an audio interface, do some recordings between whatever decks you brought, and allow people better A/B comparison between...
I'm in!
Given the vinyl explosion of the past few years, and the advent of things like the VPI Nomad (now the even nicer VPI Player), it may be warranted.
Oof, beautiful setup. Pity I only like a couple of JMJ's earlier albums (Oxygene, Equinoxe, Oxygene 7-13). And here's hoping Groovetracer release their stand-along turntable soon. The shot on their news page from December is mouth-watering.
So, I did a thing last night...        The results are pleasantly surprising. No electrical mods or improved bearing (yet), just the Audiomods Classic tonearm, Isonoe footers, Funk Firm Achromat (not yet bonded to platter), Origin Live armboard (which came with crap-tastic mounting hardware that I needed to replace with larger, sturdier parts from Lowe's) and a 2mm or so large washer as a spacer. The sound is more forward than with the TecnoDec, and there's less a...
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