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no point in buying two headphones in a similar price range unless you have a huge discount
you cant go wrong with the old reliable sansa clip or clip+
well that sucks. i dont use the USB b/c it keeps having these random clicks and pops... optical it stays
anyone give it a try yet????
from what i can guess, you can select from:   1. MAIN 2. spdif (coax or toslink) 3. OFF (but USB still works)   ... the headphone will always output sound no matter which mode you choose.   ===   for my usage:   i use the toslink audio in. speakers plugged into the "MAIN" output in the back. headphones plugged in integrated jack.   i set the unit onto MAIN mode, and use optical spdif. sound comes out from both speakers AND headphones at the...
i'm gonna go "old school" and recommend the jvc marshmallows   if they are to your liking, getting/doing the shure e2c orange foam replacements would also help!   plus, they go for roughly ~$10... so you cant go totally wrong here...
RANDOM or RANDOM ALBUM or Pre-Arranged Playlist that I periodically update with my favorite "single tracks" also, i find that the newer foobar search function is all i need to find the music i need... i think it searches thru all the metadata+filename for your entire library
Quote: Originally Posted by feh1325 make sure you use surge protection i lold
lol owned
Backstreet Boys
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