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Quote: Originally Posted by lordearl Well....got the corda cross 1 today....how long should I give it before returning it? All it really seems to do is to make the music quieter. I tried playing music I knew was poorly mixed (ie. huge separation between the L and R) such as THE BAND- THE WEIGHT from the remastered MUSIC FROM BIG PINK and it sounded exactly the same, just quieter. Am I missing something here? Yes. Choose a song, listen to it...
Hmm my advice is that you find a way to try an headamp and see if your dap and headphones can sound better before you allay your wallet ( don't trust head-fi, they're all disturbed ).
Don't remember how the Naive crossfeed sounds but I have used bs2b for a long time and then a few weeks ago I was wondering why the sound "starts" to become quite unpleasant to me ( harsh ). So I tried my Corda Headfive crossfeed again - crossfeed I was flaming 4 months ago - and my whole verdict reversed . Oh well, that's weird.. Highly brainkilling question : could it be possible to make a software version of it for my laptop ( + incoming E-MU 0202 ) according to...
Get rid of the Audigy. If your motherboard is not recent enough, you should buy also a Envy24HT or CMI8788 based soundcard to avoid resampling ( the cheapest if you don't care about analog output ).
I can't live without bs2b . And no, crossfeed doesn't only reduce fatigue. There's an audiofool myth that says that only old recordings benefit from it, while in fact almost every music recording you'll hear in your whole life is stereophonic thus not made for headphones. Perception of the same sound is different whether your hear it from "free" and distant speakers or from headphones ( see the bs2b main page ). In fact noone should use headphones without crossfeed.
If your source is a computer try this at medium level : http://bs2b.sourceforge.net/ If it is a DAP which don't support Crossfeed ( afaik iAudio are the only ones natively able of that ) lean torward Rockbox : http://www.rockbox.org/ NB : I've been disappointed too at first when I received my HD-595s, but today I can't possibly imagine there exist better headphones
This review is total ******** ( I'm french btw ) : Quote: There are already 3 sound effect libraries : Microsoft Direct Sound 3D : Sound extension of the DirectX library particular to the graphic environment of video games. Open AL : An OSS(Open Source) effect library mainly developped by Creative. Asio : A library originally made by the Steinberg company which is only useful for profesionnal soundcards and according to them afford minimum latency on audio...
HD 595 here, no difference with or without an Headfive whatever the source is my Fortissimo IV soundcard ( which has a very soft amplification stage ) at listening levels or an iPod Shuffle.
Quote: Originally Posted by hypr So im guessing the 6fire is better than the x-fi? So what should I do. Should I stick the dmx 6fire 24/96 in my new computer and run both soundcards? Whats a good audiophile soundcard these days? Cheap option : M-Audio Revolution 5.1
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