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I did a search in FS for apogee mini dac and found very old post. I did the ebay and google fs and current prices were all over the place. Can you guys give me reasonable suggestions on current price for used like new apogee mini-dac? This would be the model befor USB. Thanks! 
I want flat response monitors more for personal High Fidelity listening. Vinyl rips and 24/96 recording. Think I will go for Ultimate Ears or Etymotic Monitors. I assume the custom inserts should feel the same and comfortable as far as them being created by an audiologist. Looking for feed back on sound and cost between the two.   Any help would be great. Thanks! 
WOW! Long thread. Here is how I use my IEM's and my experience. I have Etymotic's. Love the triple flange, fit great and stay sealed with some H2O, but the sound quality is not so much to my liking. Have a pair of Much cheaper Klipsch IEM's and like the sound better than the etymotics. Problem is the tips are too big and hurt or too small and don't seal. I have done some film and tv so use to being wired. IEM in ears and connected by tape center of back head. Wire runs...
*******************SOLD SOLD SOLD*****************     Shipping in Continental United States only  This is the Sony D-NE10 ATRAC3/MP3 CD Walkman Player. Near mint with only 3 or 4 small scratches. This is NOT a refurb. I am only owner and is in perfect working order Controls on back and also Slim Stick Backlit Remote Control ATRAC3, MP3 and CD-R/RW Format Playback Brand new gumstick battery. High-Tech Slim Line Design with Aluminum (Front) and Magnesium (Back) Size of...
Still available.   Anyone, offer?
This item has been sold   Thanks   Ernie
Headroom Micro Dac. 150 or best offer. You tell me how to pack, ship and you pay for the pack and ship. Will give this 7 days or so and go to lucky best offer.   Googled and see these have been discontinued? Once again i personally only use every six months or so and need to get my car up to spec so selling. This dac is in perfect working order. The issue is that the power supply is packed and stored away in New Orleans and no way to get it. So this is the micro...
Best offer accepted   I bought stock when first introduced. Amp lived on my work desk. Packed and moved to Denver, CO 5 months ago. Pack must have been loose. Small rub spot @ rear top. Small scratches so body paint not perfect. Has not been dropped or recived any trauma. What i found was i plug my headphones directly into apogee mini dac and only every six months or so warm up Extreme and give it a long listening session. Have to get car repairs so selling the...
Still available. Anyone?
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