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 HIFIMAN released a headphone at an expensive price --> HIFIMAN is greedy and want to make money --> HIFIMAN has to be executed. 
 Yes sir. In this thread I feel like my grandfather in 1970. 
Btw, Hifiman team is working on the hi-end DAC chip project. I believe we will have same situation in this thread after the new DAC be available. 
I will post a video of drop test. Custom-made plywood earcup vs nature wood earcup. I am not sure about schedule yet, but I will try to have it before Chinese new year holiday. 
I have mentioned that our headphones use multiple lays veneer plywood instead of a layer of veneer on the top of plastic. This material is very solid, thin and sound great. Our headphones are so reliable that it can survive after 1.5 to 2m drop test. Comparing to nature wood, it is easy to make, but much heavier, and easy to be damaged. Natural wood  earcup never passed 1meter drop test. I saw people never take my words and keep blind. 
RE400, HE560 and HE400i/s are solid in our product line. We does not discontinue them after we have more expensive line. So Do you think we don't have the right to make more expensive products? 
1. HE1000 is a headphone got great reviews in all kinds of platforms. We got the problem in amazon in most of 2016 that there are always be 1 star review from people who is not a real customer. We have contacted amazon to solve this problem, but we were told amazon can not deal with such problems. We were told that try to get our real customers and encourage them to write reviews in amazon. I apologize if there are misunderstanding about sending a $20 earbud for appreciate...
Your words made me feel that you are the police. Las vegas police is nicer though. 1. We don't want to pay customer to give high rates. The problem is actually on the opposite: there are a lot of one star amazon reviews from customers who did not buy our products. Fortunately we have contacted amazon to remove some of them. Amazon team encourage us try to contact our real amazon customers to give real comment/reviews in amazon. 2. I have no ideas about forcing customers....
New Posts  All Forums: