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We greatly appreciate all the interest in our new HE Series headphones. Clearly, all our hard work and listening to valuable feedback from Head-Fiers has paid off. There seems to be some questions about the FocusPad, the new beveled hybrid earpad we designed for the new HE models. It seems that everyone agrees this is a much improved design over what we had before. The combination of pleather and velour represents the best of both worlds. Initially, I had a particular ear...
You need run in before you compare a new headphones to another one with hundreds of hours on it.
Please give new headphones more time on running in. The production 560 headphones have more bass than the older version if run-in time is identical.
 What headphone amp are you using?
 The preorder headphones you got is the final voicing headphones, and have improved sound bass quality and quatity from the unit Jerg received weeks ago. In the final product, the drivers and anything else in the earcup will not be changed.    We will concentrate on solving minor issues about earpad, earcup and finishing. Please take your time, enjoy music and relax.
  Sure we will do so after the product officially released.
Will do after we have the product officially released.
I saw you complained about mid range of your HE560 headphones. Could you please let me know about your headphone amp? The midrange and vocal of HE560 should not be cold.
 We will not sell the returned headphones to anyone else.
 Hi cute, I am following your posts and I hope I can help you. We apologize that the box you got is not as clean and we will fix this issue ASAP.  The mixed velour and leather design on earpad improve sound quality a lot. However this mixed structure is complicated and can not be mass produced from manufacture line. The holes on the bottom of the packing box is to balance air pressure on both side of the nano-meter grade thickness diaphragm. Listening to a pair of...
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