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T1's impedance graph seems is limited by headrooms data system. You may try to ask Tyll for original measure data?  
Take T1's graph for example   http://www.headphone.com/buildAGraph.php?graphType=0&graphID[]=2033   Just change 2033 to 2031,  and set graph type = 0-9     HD800's freq response url is   http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=0&graphID[]=863   Set it to   http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=4&graphID[]=861   You would got HD800's phase angle.      
In some radial conditions, T1's treble would sounds roll-off,bright and cold.   That's the Electrical phase angle relate i guess. A tasks to amp's output stage.  
Quote: Originally Posted by Beagle  I agree. There is light and clarity because of the 10Kh spike, but the extreme top really closes off all of a sudden, it lacks air.     Give it more time, i promised T1 has rich Air after a period of time.   Its a suddenly burn-in change, and made me somehow confused. Just like a closed headphone transform a open headphone. Oh, I know T1 is "semi-open"  headphone.  
All right, i just wonder if the driver matched different existed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Olias of Sunhillow  My opinion of the cans referenced here (in order from best to worst):   1. DT880/600 -- controlled bass, plentiful detail, wide soundstage, very good mids. Perhaps the best all-arounder to be had for less than $300. 2. HD650 -- more bass shake, detail present but less obvious, very relaxed sound with moderate soundstage, smooth and excellent mids. My favorite late-night cans. 3. DT990/600 -- bass...
  Is the relations between T1 and T5p just as RS1 and RS2?
Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist  I think you should fix all headphones if you find faults in them. I never understood the eq and modding ban. You must pay several 100s of dollars on source and amp if something is off on the headphones :p     We doesn't know the design ideas that those engineers consider about,actually.   I am not EQ ban, otherwise i believe EQ is a faster solution to much problem. IF this EQ is accurate enough.   In the case...
Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist    Wonder if it would have helped if they had some dampening material on that plastic ring. Or used some other material for it.     I didn't Recommend add extra dampening material to those open-back flagship.   IMO, this kind of mod  just change the sound, but not always better than original.
Quote: Originally Posted by SleepyOne  I am guessing what beyer means by semi open is that the grill isn't fully open (part of grill is covered/supported by a plastic piece inside, hence created a quasi chamber).     DT990's grill isn't fully open, too.   The main differences between DT990 and DT880 is front's cover.   But I doesn't got the reason beyer call T1 "semi-open". Maybe that's because the grill/ Waveguide in driver's front?
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