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  Is the relations between T1 and T5p just as RS1 and RS2?
Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist  I think you should fix all headphones if you find faults in them. I never understood the eq and modding ban. You must pay several 100s of dollars on source and amp if something is off on the headphones :p     We doesn't know the design ideas that those engineers consider about,actually.   I am not EQ ban, otherwise i believe EQ is a faster solution to much problem. IF this EQ is accurate enough.   In the case...
Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist    Wonder if it would have helped if they had some dampening material on that plastic ring. Or used some other material for it.     I didn't Recommend add extra dampening material to those open-back flagship.   IMO, this kind of mod  just change the sound, but not always better than original.
Quote: Originally Posted by SleepyOne  I am guessing what beyer means by semi open is that the grill isn't fully open (part of grill is covered/supported by a plastic piece inside, hence created a quasi chamber).     DT990's grill isn't fully open, too.   The main differences between DT990 and DT880 is front's cover.   But I doesn't got the reason beyer call T1 "semi-open". Maybe that's because the grill/ Waveguide in driver's front?
Quote: Originally Posted by xnor    Wtf? :D What about "vented"?     Open-back, just like open-baffle speaker, but not so open, still with proper damper in back.  
Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist     However I am getting more and more annoyed by it´s bass. Sometimes it´s like it hits some plastic inside. The Bass reflex system kicking in I suspect.  It´s kind of like it moves from the open type of bass to the closed which make it kind of distracting.       Maybe I know you talking about, that's some kind of Resonance feeling, right?   DT990 has this feature, too.  This mostly because the...
According some first impressions from Japanese, ED10 sounds like a bigger ED8,with huge sound-stage can compare HD800.  
Quote: Originally Posted by Anaxilus  I think the open back grill/ports are not so hot.  Seems to remind me of something.  A vagina perhaps?   Let me think about my DT990'05.  
  10% more driver's efficient compare the one used in ED8(by use stronger magnet), Better driver force for the "Open-back" design challenge.   Still keep the titanium plated diaphragm.
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