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Thank you majkel, those picture makes things more clear.
Quote: Originally Posted by rhw  I do not know whether someone has posted this link. It is leading to the german press release for the T5p. At the bottom of the page there are the technical informations and some pictures. Release date: September...
  Yes, i know a well-driver HD650 would sound transparent、vivid and realistic, but things not so simply, To my experiences, DT990 and K702 can exhaust the same "realistic" sound. DT990 is the most transparent in the three , K702 keep its dynamics and lively, HD650 keeps its smooth and vivid, they are all in the same league.   T1/HD800 is indeed different league, simply more "realistic" than above.   After compare the two headphone,I just feel Sennheiser's...
Just try to point: T1's bass extend depend on you amp's ability to deal with back-emf.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWuss  Actually i'm finding the t1 easier to power than dt880 and dt990. About 1 hour less on the volume knob... IMO, T1 is very easy go louder, but really hard to control.   Try make some check about frequency extend, imaging, and dynamics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beagle  I'm still waiting for the T1 to display the magic that a few people here are talking about. A constant cycle of beginning to like them, then disliking them. At that point I find them rather distant, unmusical and emotionless. I actually prefer the DT880, of the Beyers I own. The T1 bass is like a phantom; I can feel some solidity and notes but no steady lines. And the upper reaches of the treble are still absent....
Recently I compare HD800 and T1 in my system: Benchmark DAC1 > DA&T HA1*. And found some interesting things.   * A Taiwanese native powerful, high current class-A SS amp.    1.T1  has silght more weight and power than HD800, this is somehow confused me, because T1's diaphragm only 44mm,not as big as HD800.   2.HD800 not as neutral , or not as uncolored as i thought , it's has some silver-like tone color,and make Instruments juicy or liquid than real....
Keep your K701, and wait AKG announce their new flagship.
Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker  Not meaning to be mean, but is what you're saying, unabashed fact, or your opinion.     This is my opinion, and take the electrical phase measure for example.   Or you have more positive opinions about this?
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict  That's impedance and phase over various frequencies, not frequency response.   I know that, just try to point stereophile's measure of  electrical phase.  
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