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http://www.youtube.com/user/FUJIYAllAVIC#p/u/12/wKTuBjI4Cp4   New stators seems amazing....
  edit: double post,never mind
Quote: Originally Posted by kool bubba ice  Excuse my single post.. I never expected to post more then once.. I wouldn't exactly call the T1 a concept aka, state of the art headphone. They use the same ring design & similiar drivers (different mineral composition. The T1 uses neodyum) as the much aligned 73 yr old DT48. MR Groof from Beyers stated as much, but to be fair, the T1 utilizes 3 rings with better quality parts. But charging 1295 for a headphone based...
Quote: Originally Posted by sean-xenos  I prefer the T1 sonically (and for its robust construction and aesthetics) to the HD800, but just to be fair ... the M³ amp in standard configuration is better matched for the T1 than the HD800 IMHO, that's why I suggested some opamp changing for the HD800 (and that's not very difficult anyways ...) I personally don't mind a slightly warmer midrange at all.   To my experience, phase shift and slew induced...
    HD800's ring radiator (flatter wave front) and T1's Tesla magnet (homogenius magnetic field) just the different way to deal the same major issue: time delay distortion,and this makes the two headphone so special.
Quote: Originally Posted by bhanja_trinanjan  T1 a refined K-701?? My ears just don't agree.   As a T1 user, I agreed T1 and K701 shares some common feature.   1.They are both try to make a "pin-point" imaging, although takes very different way. 2.They both have very flexible treble enegry and clarity.     But as a per se DT990 user, i would say T1 is more like a refined DT990. Not that "Mid-recessed"  talks, but with a extra definite depth of...
Very Detail Review,ASR    But I have only one question: how much time did you spend on HD800/T1?  No offense, just wanna check.   The Pressure Chamber Mechanism seems still not proper tame (by some-term on head-fit) in this two open-back headphone,and makes typical over-damping sound.     edit:  the same opinion as  Jalo's first point.
Any current T1 user already got this cool amp?
Hello SunDevil, can you tell us some more details about the 3 layer diaphragm ? (If no NDA limits)  
Quote: Originally Posted by kite7  Bass aside, is the T1 more similar to the DT880 or DT990 in overall sound  presentation?   My answer is neither 880 nor 990.....its new kind of "Beyer sound".  
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