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Quote: Originally Posted by MrSpenkelink  The T1 is described as a semi-open headphone. Does it sound more like an open headphone than a closed one? Does it have an airy presentation? Are the earcups generous in size?  It's like combine open-type's airy and close-type's bass.     Earcup's not big/deep as HD800, but headphone more easily "disappear" .
Quote: Originally Posted by Asr  Up until I decided to sell my T1, the more I listened, the more I thought it was average. The soundstage was nothing special and they did not image much better than the best headphones that I've heard. The tone and "transparency" (not a word I personally use for headphones but I'm using it because you did) were not a notch above any other headphones I've heard. They did nothing particularly well. With my reference cans I saw no reason...
I start feeling T1's "head-stage" is different animal.   In real "sound-stage", not "sound-picture" means, T1 go rather far than HD800.
  HD650 isn't essential muddy, but Sennisher's silk damper design makes this headphone rather sensitive  about amp's ability to deal with Back-Emf.   p.s. the Sennisher's veil is not only muddy tone, but dynamics compression (soften), this is more critical.      K701 isn't essential  plasticky,  if sound plasticky, this is more about amp's gain mismatch. DT880/DT990's "smiley face" response?  please make sure your system has critically damped.    Those...
errr... Personally i rate T1 as the best  in the three $1000 dynamics.   Rather hard to describe, but the sound scape, or head-stage is more Believable than other two. Although its still not speaker-like (No headphone has speaker-like sound stage, they just has stage so call head stage)   But the front-back releation is much accurate in T1, than HD800 or PS1000.
Key word 1 : over damping   Key word 2 : over shot     Both T1 and HD800 are rather high Sensitivity, Try use some "weaker" amp.
Price.     I am a long-term DT990 user, and consider T1 seems more superior than DT990, Please check my DT990 review.
Quote: Originally Posted by coolcat  At least to my ears the ED10 beat the T1 easily,but compared to the HD800,they are Orange-apple story.But IMO if you force me to say which are better. I would with no hesitation say the ED10. Note that I myself own both the T1 and HD800. Did you heard the true sound of T1? This headphone even hard to drive than HD800.....
Nope, sometime i even feel the adjusting section is too tight to adjust.
Japanese site "Sonove" got ED10's some test. Interesting.
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