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Quote: Originally Posted by nelda noob questions, how hard it is to make the headphone amp part of this more beefy, say to drive a K340 or K1000? I use TC-7510's headphone amp to drive my K240DF(600ohm,88db), the volume always set on ten to twelve o'clock amazing clear and relax sound,with boundless soundstage help this can answer your question
errr....you mean this? http://www.niji.or.jp/home/k-nisi/oms-70.htm the japanese says it can compare with sony 553esd+DAS 703es
I am a newbie of head-fi,not hear much DAC or Headphone Just want to say:this DAC (and it's headphone amp) really service MY K240DF SO GOOD IF u can, give it a try , this DAC need sometime to warn-up
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