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Apogee's Mini-DAC ?
errrr.....maybe is my mistake but my 7510 mk1's soundstage is bigger than EMU-1212M and Micromega DUETTO DAC, small than the MHDTLABS DIALOGUE II DAC...
The original supplied power not worse as many people think... I try to change it with a bigger one, and find the background not as "black" as the original one
Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt why!? oversampling DACs sound better than NOS DACs, and the better oversampling DACs have the same "analog" sound just like NOS DACs. No usually,especailly when you like more big soundstage and open sound
Interesting, the Chinese in the PCB Board means "English(EUROPAN) verision"
Quote: Originally Posted by jdimitri Anyone care to show me where to find the TC-7510? Oh, and how good is the amp in it, better than say, headfive? you can find "beresford" TC-7510 in ebay and the amp in 7510......cant compare with a really good headphone amp, but "acceptable"
Sorry, i am too shame for my bad english I always post in Taiwan's headphone Forums or China's headphone Forums Like or ID is the same as Head-fi, hope this can answer your question
Original Paradisea compare with 7510 by izquierdaste
Quote: Originally Posted by laxx So you've heard every DAC priced between the tC-7510 to the Dac1? How can you say there's nothing that can tough the tC without having heard EVERY other DAC made <$900? I dont't hear much dac But at least i can say i perfer my 7510 to my DIALUOGUE II usb. Maybe CONSTANTINE can compare the 7510 Although the two DAC are both MIT
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