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Original Paradisea compare with 7510 by izquierdaste
Quote: Originally Posted by laxx So you've heard every DAC priced between the tC-7510 to the Dac1? How can you say there's nothing that can tough the tC without having heard EVERY other DAC made <$900? I dont't hear much dac But at least i can say i perfer my 7510 to my DIALUOGUE II usb. Maybe CONSTANTINE can compare the 7510 Although the two DAC are both MIT
In my opinion,7510 "MK2" can beat 1212M & DIALOGUE II
Just got a MHDTLABS DIALOGUE II DAC as my first impression,7510 have more detail and realistic Dialogue II have a bigger soundstage
In my opinion,better than 1212M
All right, dont fight like kids Just wait someone have both units and compare them
MY TC-7510 got distoration in the high tone part of some music Did anybodies know how to fix this ? I guess my 7510 is MK1 or MK2.
Courious about the op-amp of the HEADPHONE AMP part. Anybody here know what the op-amp is ?
Quote: Originally Posted by digitalmind I can't notice any real flaws and those that I do notice (slight sibilance and a crackle in the highest of highs) come (I think) from my amp. I get the same problem, i think maybe PSU or DIGITAL OUT cause this problem.
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