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It's kind of titanium-mylar diaphragm's feature, i think it's resonance(ringing) rather than peak. 
So this is ED10 its problem.?   http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsonove.angry.jp%2Fultrasone_edition10.html&hl=EN&langpair=auto|zh-EN&tbb=1&ie=shift_jis    
Add link here    http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/528909/to-those-complain-about-beyer-t1-s-hf-peaks#post_7132024
  This is the measure base in the  IEC standard,So you know the real problem is, its not about real HF peaks, just about amp's quality.    See the rather little peaks in 2Khz , 3Khz, 5Khz....?  It's somehow the function of new Diaphragm,Beyer's Engineers done a real Nice Job.in my opinion.     And to those EQer, This is the reason why EQ not much sense here.    
Quote: Originally Posted by PascalT  I think overall the treble is laid back, but then when it comes to heavily distorted instruments it just loses it completely and it becomes messy/very harsh and too bright. Like I said it really shines on anything non-electric guitar it seems.. though on vocals sometimes I also get a high "lisp" that is just really uncomfortable to my ears.   Perhaps the sound will tighten up a bit with more use on the amp? I  have about 25-35...
Quote: Originally Posted by gus6464      I doesn't believe the term "pure neutral" , But if you seek dynaudio type "pure sound", AKG K70X maybe the choice, although top octaves still very different.     
First impression matters, and this is what those beyers fall.   About DT990's bass, this is a part of the bass- reflex design i guess,  it needs user's head to really fit the earcup/earpads, by  some use time,otherwise would have a overly-damping bass- just like those Grados. (Irony, this is some peoples " too bass-heavy" )   I mean, Grado's over damping bass is one essential part of its tone: make funny mid-bass bump/punch , But this is not the case of...
IMO, T1 isn't simply a "upgrade " DT880 , but a new standard of headphone's "head-stage", or spatial feeling. With porper drive , T1 would make a special over sized head-stage that can equal , or (IMO) even beat HD800.   Some peole says HD800 has speaker-like sound stage,  this is somehow a misunderstand, in fact HD800 just create a expand or diffused sound picture, not the stage has like-real Perspective and  front to back relations.    So this is T1's...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrSpenkelink  The T1 is described as a semi-open headphone. Does it sound more like an open headphone than a closed one? Does it have an airy presentation? Are the earcups generous in size?  It's like combine open-type's airy and close-type's bass.     Earcup's not big/deep as HD800, but headphone more easily "disappear" .
Quote: Originally Posted by Asr  Up until I decided to sell my T1, the more I listened, the more I thought it was average. The soundstage was nothing special and they did not image much better than the best headphones that I've heard. The tone and "transparency" (not a word I personally use for headphones but I'm using it because you did) were not a notch above any other headphones I've heard. They did nothing particularly well. With my reference cans I saw no reason...
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