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orthodynamic headphone's "real" transient not as good as people consider. But their "impulse character" are good ,just as those electrostatics.
I doesn't exactly know the headband's number, it seems a simply return-exchange service. Seems some T1 user in Germany already got new , more comfortable headband. I'm curious about if other country's user can have the same service? If need some extra pay, i would paid, because i really love this headphone. old new old new
I would say, the two are rather different, A classical old-school MM cartridge v.s. now day's high tech MC cartridge. IF you look for some euphoria, GS1000 is the choice IF you look for some realism , T1 is the choice. GS1000 need Big muscle "headphone amp"with more juice, but this kind of amp not works when deal with T1.
All right, IMO, THD and freqency response not so matter to headphone, a mini full-range driver close to ear.(Human ear are not linear,i mean, much "inaccurate" than we imaging.)But Dynamics and transient matters , that's the true limits of those Orthodynamics.Those new Orthodynamics more like Grados, is vintage headphone's "Renaissance".InnerSpace says the "Microphone -type " and "Speaker-type" different, it's not so wrong,at least.
Simply Beyer T1, rather unique piece of work. My "the most transparent move-coil base headphone in 3 years" After half year, still amazing me "Wow, headphone can sound so good!" at times.
I doesn't know LCD2 if its really over-damping But i know Hifiman's HE5 is much heavy damping, and makes its hard to calculate correct Q factor. p.s. According here , there some ref of dynamics HD650: FS 83.4837 Hz QTS 0.3823 ZMIN 318.1676 Ohm ZMAX 530.0244 Ohm HD800: FS 97.9738 Hz QTS 0.1951 ZMIN 340.5256 Ohm ZMAX 772.3651 Ohm p.p.s Headroom's HE5le measure The interesting HF...
Electrostatic headphones has their limits, so Senns and Beyers finally got their flagship headphone dynamics
Maybe your HD650 has bass over damping?    That's often happened in new open-kind dynamic flagship headphones,and make A mid-bass(120-80hz) bump.
75+ hours is too short to make serious "review".
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