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 1.About "fullmetal housing" , i guess you mean "pole plate" ?  That's is not much special in my view, i don't know why you think it cause resonance here.The resonance in Tyll's measure  more like  diaphragm's break-up model lose control, wrong-damping.  2.Damping is interesting problem, headphone's diaphragm is still much lower mass  than loudspeakers (relative low Q here), I think its no harm to use acoustic damping properly . (hey, did i mention Grado here?) The problem...
  1. So its "tesla driver",  but not "housing" or "enclose" , i cant got what you meaning? p.s. The mesh or paper-like  material is work as a acoustic impedance,  work a part of pressure chamber , the semi-seal space between ear and headphone.       It's not prevent cause resonance problems or something else,but adjust the air volume. You can also take HD800's baffle the same thing , so its nonsense add damping here. Back to beyer's , its "semi-open" type housing can take...
 1.The housing is simple a quasi helmholtz resonator , work to trap back waves, not  just "fullmetal".  and its actually abs plastic frame combine metal grill. 2.This kind design somehow sensitive to system's actual damping (not just damping factor number) , clearly some low output impedance amp not suit this.
1. The two headphone has different kind of head-stage, or sound-scape, whatever, i would not call it a real sound stage. HD800 seems more wow effect here, it well-expand traditional head-stage,just like Sony's head mound display HMZ.   T1's scape really interesting, i would rather call its a sound-scape than head-stage,  can't be judge be wide or narrow/forward or laid-back easily, because its somehow very depend on spacious information on records, like Oculus...
The wool paper baffle is some kind of acoustic resistance, the whole enclose  would be "resonance absorber"Its can be seen as a quasi helmholtz resonator , work to trap back waves. And its clear that some "damping" mod in this forums make nonsense here.
DT990 sounds brightness if its resonance absorber not work properly , Many can cause this, especially humidity.  (hey, its baffle is paper.)     DT990 has the most lush & transparency  mid in its league, just carefully try not over-driver it.
    This is the measure base on IEC standard, So you guys really didn't know the problem is ?
 I believe those kind "no internal damping" design very sensitive to amp, just like those Hi-end Speakers from lumen white and morel. And, maybe you can try find some other writers with different view point/gears , As Michael Fremer or Art Dudley to John Atkinson. I already see some guys on reddit  banish K812/T1 "just" by your measure, you know how rash judge a headphone without   listening seriously. p.s. Why not just sent a letter to AKG or Beyerdynamic ask about "Why...
IMO,Over-damping system kills those no internal damping  flagships.
Tyll's measure not so as "standard" as headphone manufacturer's , he didn't like those Europeans (just kidding,never mind)
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