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The "tweeter" 's back chamber  left un-damping is part of back-wave's resonance absorber. It's simple, but works like magic.   I personal think THD measure means not much here, at less not in first order.
Some measure from the engineer of Yulong  audio.   Use B&K artificial ear, IEC standard.  
Recently compare My old T1 and friend's new K812, very impressive .   1. K812 is a very neutral headphone , its not kind of typical over-damping HD800's "boring" and "lean", but really pure to reflect front-end's sound. p.s. I don't  mean HD800 is a bad headphone, but its' real advantage is some kind artificial "silver tone"  rather than that kind of "neutral".   2.K812 slight dry compare my T1, both have rather close size "head-stage", but T1 is more front-staging...
 +1 Enjoy my old pair No.1891 much than before.
To T1 users:   Ear pad matters, remember clean your ear pad by damp cloth, just clear water is enough.
I really don't got it , but T1's render method of texture remind me my old DT990. (My 990 review here)   Clarity, smooth and lush present, with  stunned airiness , or some special kind of virtue  other dynamic headphone lack.   I believe that's because T1's really excellent transient response.   If separate the whole "transient response"  into three stage: attack,steady and decay. I would say It has the purest attack i ever hear form dynamic headphone,  and gently...
   Just noticed that the driver's bottom plate unusual "close" , especially for a  highly-wired dynamic flagship.And as AKG's claim  "For headroom and dynamic range. I cant help but its make me remember some tweeters' structure that with magnetic fluid inside.
Is AKG possibility use magnetic fluid in K812's driver's air gap? Never mind, just  meaningless murmur....
 Try change absolute polarity of your source, its somehow effect the sound scape in front of. I didn't got this very much, but it's simply  kind of very best diffused field sound ever heard.It's like something about the acoustic baffle finally works. make sound very effort-less  and open. oh, and Huge.Transient character seems become total another thing,  makes all different I'll do more report on Sunday.
 Nope, just time to time use, and scary me now. Before,  T1 sometimes present  a kind of disappear ability as "make music like come form your computer speakers", but not  so usual, just some best timesNow, oh god, it make all music like binaural  recoding, and make me so crazy . Electrostatic headphone-like, or better?   the texture become very smooth , like  there are no diaphragm at all. I need clam down, take sometime listen and report.
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