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I think high gain just increases the voltage gain in the amplification stages. It's for high-impedance headphones, which need greater gain to achieve a given volume than low-impedance headphones. Higher gain can cause higher levels of noise in sensitive low-impedance headphones, though, which is why IEMs and Grados usually use the low-gain setting. I think distortion also gets greater as voltage gain climbs. I'm not sure why the Shure sounds better with the high-gain...
I think I know a little part of this. Vacuum tubes by themselves have a very high output impedance. That would be bad for driving speakers or any kind, because the impedance mismatch would cause a lot of stacking and treble roll-off. Using a transformer is one way of stepping down the impedance to something useful for driving headphones and loudspeakers. But some people think transformers color the sound of the signal or make the amp more sluggish in reponding to signal...
Jan Meier is a really upstanding guy! He's a gentleman to deal with, always supportive in his recommendations, trying to figure out what's best for his customers. He still responds quickly and enthusiastically when I tell him about my latest adventures with my Corda HA-2 MkII SE, which I bought maybe six months ago! But one doesn't buy an amp because the designer/builder is a nice guy. The Corda HA-2 is a wonderful little amp. It's a solid-state design and has all the...
There's nothing to excuse! There's no reason you'd know that unless you'd been reading and reading and reading Dr. Peppard's website, trying to figure out as I have whether to order the HD or HD2! (I ordered the HD2, about 10 minutes after I saw indelibo's pictures of his new amp.)
I can't express how much I admire you DIYers! You and AMB building those amps, fiddling with the wiring, modding, upgrading, diagnosing, repairing. Gosh! I wouldn't even know where to start!
Does no one know? Or is it just sleepy-Sunday syndrome?
I've seen two versions of the Raytheon 5751 black-plate vacuum tube: Triple-mica, d-getter Double-mica, windmill-getter Does anyone know how these two tubes sound in comparison to each other? Thank you! Eric.
If I recall correctly, the RSA Tomahawk was designed to drive IEMs like your Shure. Even if it's not the smallest, it may be one of the best available.
You've got a vast collection! Which one(s) do you like most? Why? Do you like different cans for different music?
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