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If you only need to split one signal in two, RCA splitters are the simplest, least expensive solution. I've been using Radio Shack RCA splitters for a couple months without any complaints at all. I'd be impressed if you could notice any differences between the split signal and the unsplit. Buy the switchbox only if you have too much money in your wallet, dislike simple and effective solutions, or have multiple inputs and outputs to manage.
I've owned both the RS-1 and the MS Pro, but I've never listened to the ATH-W5000. Like you, I own the HD 650, got bored with its sound, and wanted a more exciting headphone. I bought the RS-1 first and loved it immediately. Compared to the HD 650 it did sound exciting. Over time I came to dislike the RS-1, though, because it had too much treble. The treble wasn't harsh or tiring, just unbalanced, too much in amount. It made my music sound funny, and I couldn't ignore...
For a test-tone sweep, I use this site. for discrete test tones, I use this site.
Hi Clutz, Steaxauce wasn't talking about the 1/4" headphone outputs of those DACs. He was talking about connecting the headphones to the balanced preamp outputs of the DACs, which would require reterminating the headphone cables with balanced connectors. Balanced output drives headphones differently than single-ended 1/4" headphone outputs and is said to sound rather better. Cheers!
I've tried the hardware crossfeed on my Meier Corda HA-2 and really don't care for it. It softens bass response and lowers definition, bluring slightly the sounds together. I can't say whether it makes listening less fatiguing, because I've never found my HD 650 fatiguing.
I asked Lloyd whether the 12BH7 or 12BH7A are acceptable alternatives to the ECC99 output tube. He responded: "The 12BH7 (the A just indicates a controlled heater warm up version for the transformerless B&W TVs of the 50's--no significance for us) is a reasonable alternative to the JJ ECC99. You can get NOS or currently manufactured versions." He e-mailed me the HD2 instruction manual, which lists the 12BH7(A) as an acceptable alternative to the ECC99. It also warns...
I just noticed this thread, which mentions the new modules in posts five through nine.
Could it hurt to revive this thread once a year? Has anyone heard any news?
So these headphones Transformers transform into--what? A car? A truck? What's that? Into headphones? But even when they're robots they're still headphones . . . Sorry, this one doesn't do it for me, and I grew up watching Transformers and was a die-hard fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by proglife Did you get to listen to any of these on speakers? I only listened to the players with my headphone amp and headphones, but I'd guess the players would exhibit similar characteristics through speakers. Good luck in making your choice on a new player!
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