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Come on, people, this may be old but it works really well. How about $55, PayPal fee and insured shipping within the continental U.S. included?
Price cut.
I've submitted the tubes for testing.
BOTH TUBE PAIRS ARE SOLD. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. Sylvania 6SN7W matched pair, $100 including PayPal fee and insured shipping withint the contiguous 48. I purchased the Sylvanias new from Upscale Audio, platinum matching ($150 each). The tubes test 100%+ at 2900/2900 and 2900/2800, and good for shorts and leaks. Two (2) Tung-Sol 6SN7GT tubes, $100 including PayPal fee and insured shipping within the contiguous 48. These tubes test...
SOLD (at last) is a Meier-Audio Corda HA-2 MkII SE. This is the SE version with a stepped-attenuator volume control and upgraded capacitors. The amp is very quiet and detailed, with neutral frequency response and fast, punchy attack. Tone controls include a crossfeed filter, bass and treble controls, and a high-frequency attenuator. When set to off, these tone controls are removed from the signal path. This amp functions as-new and looks mint. It's about a...
Price cut!
Two items have sold, and I've lowered prices on the remaining two!
For sale is an Onkyo CD changer, capacity six discs. It's received very little use over the past eight years and still functions as-new. It comes with a remote control that has also received very little use and functions as-new. I'm not sure what it's worth, so I won't list a price. Give me an offer, PayPal and insured shipping included (include your zip code), and I'll take it or leave it. It's in fine shape; it just doesn't get used. I'd like it to find a home with...
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