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Another price cut.
That's correct: there's no digital output.
Another big price cut! These cables are now officially a steal!
Len bought two Tung-Sol 6SN7 tubes and tested two Sylvania 6SN7 tubes for me. It's not easy to express what a fine man he is to work with. He's a darn nice guy, knows a heck of a lot about tubes, and communicates his knowledge expertly. Wow!
Alan purchased a power cord and interconnects from me. He's very pleasant, communicated well, and paid promptly. I would do business with him again without hesitation. Eric.
Only the Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables remain. Enjoy a big price cut on them!
Come on, people, this may be old but it works really well. How about $55, PayPal fee and insured shipping within the continental U.S. included?
Price cut.
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