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For sale is one Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC. This is the original, non-upsampling version and a 120 V unit. It functions and looks as-new. Included are the remote, two power cords, and original shipping box. Buyer pays shipping.   I purchased this DAC new from Galen Carol and would never sell it, except that I'm moving overseas to a country with 240 V mains.   This is the best-sounding DAC I've ever heard.   Thank you, Eric
For sale is one McAlister Audio MA-10B Custom Triode Line/Headphone Amplifier. This is a 120 V unit. The amplifier functions and looks as-new. Included are a power cord and the replacement tubes shown--likely a lifetime supply. (It uses uncommon tubes, so I invested real time and money to lay in a selection of NOS and tested/matched replacement tubes.) Buyer pays shipping.   This amplifier sounds wonderful! When I first bought it, I compared it in A-B fashion to a $3000...
Available is an AKG K 601 reference headphone in absolutely like-new condition. Inlcuded is the original box, packaging, and paperwork. This is truly like-new, both functionally and cosmetically, just as you would receive it from a retailer.   The K 601 is very neutral, very comfortable, and very easy to drive from an amp.   I will ship to anywhere. Included in the price is UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states; express shipping or shipping...
It sure is worth more--to the right buyer--but I sold the matching LR speakers separately some years ago.
For sale is one MISSION 77C center-channel loudspeaker in black-painted oak finish. It is fully functional and in excellent cosmetic condition.   I will ship to any destination, by any common means, but shipping is extra.   I have a lot of feedback under the old thread system; I link to that thread in my signature below.   Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.   Thank you, Eric
I recently received my T50RP and REALLY like them! First, these are extraordinarily neutral transducers--so much so that I now find my HD 650 colored. Second, I also find myself more aware of the beautiful purity of the sound of instruments and voices. Finally, I feel a stronger emotional connection with some acoustic music through these headphones.   I have two complaints. First, the fit takes a lot of fiddling to get right; it's very unstable at first. (I...
Does anyone manufacture replacement earpads for the Sennheiser HD 650 that are thicker at the back than they are at the front? The headphones themselves have enough play for this to work comfortably, and I have a sneaking suspicion it would enhance the sound.   Thank you, Eric
Hello all,   The Symphones Magnum headphones have piqued my interest, but I'd like to know more about how they sound before shelling out for both headphones and mod.   I've read Currawong's review and am making my way through the 112-page Symphones Magnum thread, but I would appreciate first-hand impressions from Head-Fiers who have used both the Magnum and any of the following headphones with which I'm familiar: Alessandro MS-1, beyerdynamic DT 880, Etymotic...
Hello Jeffrey,   The headphones are a year or two old; I don't remember exactly. Not less than a year, and not more than two.   Thank you, Eric
Available is a beyerdynamic DT 880 600-Ohm in truly excellent condition.   Insured UPS Ground shipping is included to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. Additional charges apply for shipping to other locations or by other methods.   Most of my feedback is still on the old thread system, linked in my signature below; click on "Feedback".   Thank you, Eric
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