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Get a ground loop isolator off Amazon
I don't think everyone has emphasised just how few ****s the general population gives about sound quality. The reason they wouldn't integrate a better chip isn't only because of the redesigning that would have to happen, it's because of cost too. Everyone is familiar with the painstaking attention to detail that goes into the design elements of Apple products but not too many recognise the business acumen that is probably just as important in making Apple inc. so huge...
Bend it? The frames are flexible so you can bend it if it's out of shape.. 
im an alien
Honestly? The first turd Apple has passed out in awhile (AppleTV wasn't a hit, but at least that had an arguably better defined market). The screen is backlit, so to use it as an ebook reader would be akin to gouging your eyes out with a spork, and due to it's modified iPhone/Touch OS it's pretty much a gimped netbook (already gimped as far as personal computers go). No multi-tasking- bad for productivity, no flash support- bad for a pretty big portion of the web, sub-par...
Quote: Originally Posted by emin911 so a soundcard is pointless and doesnt play a role, correct? what is the point of those 300$ soundcards, if a DAC and amp is a better combo? A soundcard is a DAC, usually with added features like a mic in (which requires an ADC, opposite of a DAC) and depending on target market, extra channels and/or sound effects processors (hardware EAX, 3D emulators and so on). Some people prefer external DACs because the...
Verify game cache
You might find the AD700 and A700 a bit unwieldy for use as portable headphones (the cables are ******* long and they're meant to be comfortable, not clamp to your head while you move about
Quote: Originally Posted by AmanGeorge Rayz, I personally think you should ditch the K701. Amp requirements aside, I don't think it's the right headphone for your choice in music. While the K701 is an outstanding classical headphone, it is merely decent with electronica and can be very unpleasant to listen to with rock and alternative. I agree that maybe a Grado would be worth a shot for you, and would be easier to drive. I'd also look into the Sennheiser...
Quote: Originally Posted by logwed You have the black version??? And I'm pretty sure that GLite w/out DPS generally is about $300-350. With the DPS it goes up much higher, because it's discontinued and highly sought after. Had. I sold it due to lack of use :S Guess I'm regretting it now..
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