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Hey guys, I'm heading to Shanghai in November for a week long trip with completely no itinerary. Staying with a friend. Anyway, I'm looking for any recommendation for what to see, eat, buy (especially audio related paraphernalia) but also, what NOT to see, eat, buy and do. I know this is an audio forum not some sort of travel enthusiast enclave, but seeing as head-fi'ers are generally friendly and welcoming, I thought why not ask around. Maybe we can even meet...
[URL=¤t=IMG_3488.jpg][IMG][/img][/URL]   Looks the same except the dampers are now copper colour instead of black. Spray paint can fix that if you're that anal about looks.   Looks ok, just some minor scratches and paint fading on the copper dampers. Selling cause moving away from headphones. Stock tubes, SVETLANA 6S19Ps and LM...
I've got a brand new pair of these beats headphones that didn't really like, I've taken it out for a 10 minutes test drive then shoved them back into the box. Condition is mint and they're absolutely genuine. I don't think warranty is international (Origin: Singapore) so let's assume there is none. But I will provide the warranty card nonetheless.   PM me if interested. Thanks very much.
^Thanks man.   I realised that I could just connect my 8200CDQ to the pre in of my NAD, bypassing it's onboard pre-amp. It's sounding great. As for my headphone amp, I've tried disabling the pre amp on my player, but it sounds better turned on and set to 0db. So much for quality degradation... haha
I'm thinking about buying an Audiolab 8200CDQ cause it will help keep spending to a minimum (not having to buy a DAC or Preamp), at least for my speaker set up. However, when switch over to my headphone set up, will keeping the preamp section on degrade the sound by passing the output thru 2 amplifications?   Also, since the CDQ only has 1 set of outputs, I need ideas on connecting it to both my power amp and my headphone amp, besides manually swapping the cables....
I've fixed it. "Thx"
My AKG K501's left driver has stopped working. I don't know if it's a cable problem or a driver problem, but the right side is absolutely fine. I've called Singapore's AKG distributor and they refused to take in my headphones for repair cause it's out of production. So I'm asking around for ideas.   Thanks!
Wow, great thread. I've been lurking since '05, joined in '06. It was really interesting seeing head-fi become what it is today, who'd have thought a niche headphone hobby would get so popular? Haha.
Anti-conus meaning I hate people who just ship within the continental US. Missed out on a lot of good deals that way.   XXII: Sure I'll be ur partner, if you don't mind a late gift.  
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