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No problemo. Communication in lieu of Paypal-linking was excellent ;)   Can't wait for the new cans.
Any updates?
No rush, I subscribed to the thread, just let me know when you find out.   Cheers
If you can swing $85 shipped to Vancouver, British Columbia, I'll take the headphones off your hands.   (And I apologize for bugging you over $5, it's the principle of the thing basing it off of other sales :) )
Hey all, hoping some people could give me a headphone suggestion!   Budget: $100 or lower. $100 is near my max, though I'm not buying these until my work begins, so I might go a little higher then. Music Genres: I listen to mostly rock and indie. My tops on are Strung Out, Gaslight Anthem, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, so that type of stuff Use: At home entirely. I use in ears for out on the road, so these are going to be home use only. Amp: None, or...
My Zune 80gb just kicked the bucket (well...a "friend" knocked it off a counter top actually), so I was looking for a replacement. In all reality, I'm only looking for a music player, I never played games, or videos on my zune. I'd like it to be relatively small (no bigger than the zune), and high capacity (80gb was fine).   Any suggestions? I've been living in a bubble, beyond a Zune or an Ipod I don't know any players out now.
Quote: Originally Posted by rawrster or you could use this as an excuse to upgrade ^^ Don't have that kind of money. I really like these headphones for what they are tbh. Noob question...which wires do I solder to which points? I'm going to be using ipod headphone cables, but how do I know which goes where?
Thanks so much! Now the issue is finding heatshrink + wires. I also don't have soldering tools here (away from home) so I'll have to ask an electrical engineer or wait a month...
So my pair of ER6-I's finally bit the dust. Actually, I'm just retarded I had my zune in my pocket and leaned over, crushing the mini-plug and now the right channel does not work. So, a couple questions: 1. Is it possible to fix this, ie put a new mini-plug on? I don't know what the wires inside the cord are like..(coated, or other annoyances) 2. Any suggestions on a mini-plug easily available in Canada (vancouver). 3. The wire itself has become sun bleached and a...
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