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Sorry, haven't been on the site lately. The amp was sold months ago, hence the "This classified is closed" designation.
I agree with that statement, it truly is a chameleon with different phones. It's one of those amps that doesn't blow you away, but always sounds excellent.
The DNA Stratus was my previous amp, so compared to that. The Stratus is a DHT design that costs more, so I'm not surprised it has a bit more air/space to its presentation. That said, when I listen to the Trafomatic, I'm not longing for anything, it's just different.
I'm with your grizzlybeast, whenever I play this amp it makes me smile. It's not as lush as some other tube amps, and maybe doesn't have the air, but otherwise it checks all the boxes.   The stock tubes sound good. I currently have some vintage Amperex in that are sounding great.
Beautifully done warubuzo!!! Is this stuff making it to the mainland?
That Lanikai porter looks great! Nice label art too.
Staying local. A Smog City Coffee Porter earlier, and now a El Segundo Brewing Mayberry IPA. Both are great!
Hey Redcarmoose! All good here, working a lot and trying to keep my marriage together. Glad you're still rocking the Denon's! I missed them over the years and picked up some TH900's last year, which got me back to that sound.   Yes, I was part of the sound team responsible for all sound with the exception of music. Personally, I supervised all the Foley recording and editorial for the film. It was a fun project to work on, and even better, it had a dream schedule.
Here are a few cell pic's from a cast and crew screening I attended last week.        
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