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I agree with you on the Ocean call. I guess they're raising the price after every year, since the bourbon is technically aging further by being out to sea longer. The bourbon is supposed to be the same as the original release, just with different time exposed to the sea air.   I was lucky to get 2 bottles of the Midwinter, along with a single Michters Toasted and a single Parkers Heritage 2014. It was tough finding any of the special releases locally in So. California....
Jefferson's Ocean is enjoyable, but at the new pricing ($90 locally) it's not worth the dough. For that kind of money I would rather pick up another bottle of A Midwinter Nights Dram, by High West. Their Rendezvous Rye aged additionally in port barrels. One of my favorites from this years limited releases.
I re-terminated mine a while back to 4 pin balanced, and only tried them once on the Taurus. Initial impression is they were a little bright and thin. I actually haven't really used them since, so I guess it's time to pull them out and try again.
Glad to hear you're digging it atomicbob!! The sound should only get better from here.
I have to agree with this. I've struggled to fully enjoy the HD800's for years, but the Taurus combo is sounding really good to me. The T1's didn't seem to pair as well, but I really need to try that combo again. For the T-1's I really like the Stratus combo. Tasty.
Happy to help. I have owned the Lynx Hilo, Violectric V800, and Lavry Blue. They are all good in their own way, but to my ears the Auralic is the best.
I still love my Vega, and have stopped thinking about my DAC (ie-not looking to upgrade). It's extremely musical and checks all the boxes for me. With all my previous DAC's, I always felt like I could find flaws that annoyed me. This is a keeper in my book.   As for work-most of the studios I work at are still using Avid (Digi) 192's. Pro Tools is the king DAW in my world, and most places are running the same old gear. Pro audio people are far less concerned about the...
If you listen to Audeze, then Bryston is a great amp, and pretty unbeatable for the money. Unfortunately I have ear discomfort wearing the Audeze frequently, so by default I've been listening more to my T-1's and HD800's more. For those I prefer the Stratus or Taurus.
It's been a while since I've listened to the Byrston, but from memory the Taurus is a bit warmer and more musical. The Bryston seems to be neutral to a fault. With warm headphones such as Audeze the Bryston sounds great and has great control. On brighter phones, the Bryston seemed a bit harsh and edgy for my taste. I definitely lean towards the warmer side of playback, so take all of this with a grain of salt.
I own both the BHA-1 and the Taurus MKII, and I prefer the Taurus. That said, the Bryston and Audeze phones are a great match. The Taurus just seems to play better with a wider variety of phones.
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