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I was really ready to sell my HD800's until I got the WyWires Red cable. Now I'm enjoying these phones a lot even on my solid state amp!
Both amps are top tier with their own unique sound signatures. Depending on the phones, I could happily live with either amp as my primary. The Stratus has a touch more of that tube roundness and juiciness, and has the impedance switch which I really find effective. The Taurus is a bit drier, but has more of a iron grip on everything. Both are musical and very satisfying in their own way. John
I find it very curious that they heavily advertise the ORFEO modules, saying that they are based on the famous Neve recording consoles. The fact that they used a  classic Neve module design for analog warmth seems to be a big selling point in their literature. Then go on to say that they are only on the balanced XLR outputs and that both outputs sound the same. Also this quote confuses me Sooooooo, is the module implemented to give the Vega classic analog warmth or just to...
Yes, the Orfeo modules are only on the XLR outputs, not the single ended. I've never read a reason why, but that's the case.
Check out my new custom Stratus cover:     Made by Stan at   I had him customize his standard design with the cutout in front and the DNA logo. Made locally (California) and a great guy to deal with. Recommended.
I just re-terminated my T-1's with a 4 pin XLR. Without thinking I trimmed off the shields and connected both left/right positive/negative to the proper 4 pins. I realized after finishing that I should have connected the 2 copper ground wires to the XLR chassis ground pin. Do you guys think it's a big deal either way to have the shield connected at the XLR??? I'm trying to decide if I should open it up and start over or leave it as is. The phones pass signal fine, but I...
Hmmmm. tempting....
Sierra Nevada - Blindfold Black IPA   Bought it in a 12 variety pack. Hadn't seen this one before on it's own.
Yep, the Vega is going to rock your world!!
I got to hear the Aries today at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach. Physically the Aries is tiny and incredibly light in the hand. I heard it streaming hi-res files and DSD, with the Taurus Pre and Merick amps. Considering it was wires, I thought it sounded fantastic! I would love to hear a side by side comparison with wired vs. streaming, but I was definitely impressed. Hopefully I can get one in house to try in person.
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