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Love the WyWires Red!!!
I got the Synology up and running last night. I tried to connect my current(iTunes) library which is on an external drive via USB directly to the Synology. The drive showed up in the Synology software as USB something, but I couldn't get it to recognize files or transfer anything. What's the best way to transfer my 2TB+ library that is on a Thunderbolt/USB drive to the Synology? Any tips would very much be appreciated.     and yeah, that mini looks interesting....
No. As I said the power output, impedance, and output module all change. It's not so simple as just turning up/down the volume. The 2 different output will drive headphones differently, it's up to you to pick the one your prefer.
I believe the impedance also changes which will affect how the headphones are driven.
The Vega/Taurus combo using balanced inputs/outputs is warm, musical, and very dynamic. I think you will be very pleased with the combo.   I have not done a comparison between the outputs, but I understand there is a difference. For one, I think the power output changes slightly and I believe balanced uses the ORFEO modules and the single ended does not. I have always used the balanced outputs with my phones.
It's been months since I've heard the combo, but from memory I think it's very balanced. Definitely revealing, if your source is, and more towards the neutral/warm side. Dry and cold doesn't apply to the Taurus in my experience, but every headphone is a bit different. I guess they mean that it's lacking a lushness and maybe is bright, but I don't find that to be the case. Perhaps the source they were using is not up the the task and they were hearing downstream problems....
 Yes, it's sounds excellent. That was my main phone for months. On a whim, I tried the HD800's with the Taurus and actually liked them just as much of more. Mainly due to the comfort factor, but both sound great with the amp/vega.
I just got my Aries and picked up a Synology NAS to go with it. Any tips from Mac users regarding setting up the Synology? Any tips for transferring my really large library from my firewire drive?
I would love to make another Golden Ear meet, but I don't think I can swing it with this short notice. Have fun guys!
I'm thankful that my final stop at the recent L.A. CanJam show was at the Cavalli table. This little amp really blew me away, which is why I jumped when I saw them for sale. I'm planning to use it as a kick ass bedside rig with my Pono player running balanced as the source. For the money the Pono player is pretty darn good for a balanced source that's also very portable. Good times in audio!!
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