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For sale, an almost new pair of Sennheiser Urbanite XL. Great for listening with your portable device. Easy enough to drive and no amp needed. They're foldable and include the fabric bag for transport. This is the "around-the-ear" model for increased comfort, noise isolation and sound quality. Used very little... I have way too many headphones, these need to go.   Located in Canada.
I do have a pair for sale. But your classified is closed; I won't bother you with a PM. If you change your mind later, let me know.
I'll bring Beyerdynamic DT770 and Sennheiser HD600 with Equinox cable. I think we have enough amps as it is. I'm really sorry you won't be able to make it Zanth. I was looking forward to hearing all this cool stuff you have.
I'd like to invite myself if you guys don't mind. I'm thinking about getting an Ear+ amp and I'd love to hear Zanth's. I'm not yet sure what I'll bring, but have a look at my profile and let me know if there's something you'd like to hear. I'll also bring a Nikon D70 so we can have decent pictures this time.
Panasonic RP-HDA100 / Technics RP-FDA100. 57mm full-range driver and 20mm super-tweeter. Claimed frequency response of 3Hz (!!) to 100,000Hz (!!). "Optimized for DVD audio" (the original link was on a site with the other name for Panasonic: Ma-tsu-shi-ta, and this beautiful forum stripped SHI-Ta because it was considered offensive.. C'mon!)
You guys take very good photos. I'm afraid that mine aren't of the same caliber. In my defence, I bought my Canon FT only 8 months ago and I'm a slow learner I hope you enjoy these anyway. My camera. A little wood guy A little bronze guy Macro queen on an old $20 bill A chair Protest Rideau Canal (Ottawa) in the spring The sun shining on a building School Zone, on an early winter morning Ciao!
High-Frequency Sound Above the Audible Range Affects Brain Activity, AES Preprint No. 3207. A researcher named Oohashi tested subjects to determine how brain wave activity is affected by ultrasonic frequencies. (High-Frequency Sound Above the Audible Range Affects Brain Activity, AES Preprint No. 3207.) He determined that under blind conditions his subjects were responding to ultrasonic frequencies up to 60 kHz. Oohashi determined that the mechanism for transmission was...
Psychoacoustic studies have shown that although we cannot directly detect sine waves above 16-20kHz, we can certainly detect their presence in music. One study went further and showed that people noticed an improvements when the system extended to 40kHz instead of 30kHz (ranges might have been different, but you get the idea). Unfortunately, I cannot recall the authors of the study. I just remember reading the papers as part of my Multimedia Systems course. Maybe...
USPS. Cheap, Fast, Reliable. Usually get my stuff in 5-7 business days. On most small items (like headphones), they don't even bother to charge taxes, even though the little green sticker declares a value of $60... If if they do, it's a fair 15%+$5. With the other carriers, you always pay taxes, and the broker's fee is minimum $30, even if the item is itself worth $30... I must have gotten about a dozen packages from the states through USPS and I was always very...
I'll second AKG for classical. The K501 are superb. I think I prefer them to my HD600 for orchestral works. Very open and detailled, and great at portraying instrument tones. Oh, and superb soundstage too. However, I'm not sure the iPod could do them justice. These cans need a LOT of juice to come alive. On my MG Head, I listen to the HD600 with the pot between 8 and 10 o'clock. With the K501, it's between 10 and 12h30. You can find the K501 used for under $100.
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