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whats this ms2e? Its been a while since I came into this board (all written while listening to my ms2i)
Is it possible that my ms2is are having problems? For the most part  songs seem to be coming out of the right channel moreso than the left channel and its not always noticeable but when it is, it kills me on the inside. When I listen to my dt990 600ohm, the issue does not seem to appear(are they more forgiving than the ms2i?).... I am trying to figure out if I need to send my babies in for repair or maybe recable or maybe there is nothing wrong(hopefully) and its just...
Here are 3 things that came in the mail today! Very happy so far. Got a couple shoes coming in so maybe I should post all my purchases together at the same time  
hmmm hmmm hmmm last time i was around here the akg k550 was announced and just heard of the PS500 like 2 days ago. However I guess now im trying to decide whether I get the ps500 or the denon d7000(i can get a price match from JR for 555)... even then, I may have to start upgrading my amp in order to accommodate newer/better headphones
hmmm what would be the next logical step for me if I wanted to go up the chain over good headphones? I currently have the alessandro MS1 and MS2i... hnmm
mid to late october would be cool. I wouldnt mind driving from tampa to that area. I dont have much to offer aside from a dt990 and alessandro ms2i. Maybe an m50 if someone wants to listen to one since my m50 get minimal use.    
Thats my kind of trance. Stuff rolling out from anjuna beats and armada is the good stuff. Of course other records are good too but those are the main to me. the dt990 should be perfect for you. To me its not about finding something that just works , its about finding the right fit    
chiming in as another huge trance fan. I would give a nod to the dt990 .
If you get lucky you can find a used pair on here. However, finding a used pair of ms2i seems to be pretty rare. Ive searched the FS section almost daily for deals and I picked mine up from there for 200. I do see the 325i on sale pretty often for like 250 and a little lower at times. Just depends on how new
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