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Won bought my Koss Pro4AAT and the transaction went very smoothly. He was very patient and payed immediately. Thanks!
Lionel bought an ALO Silver RCA -> Mini cable from me and made it fast and painless. I love Head-Fi transactions like these. Thanks for a smooth and easy transaction!
Koss A130s, in excellent condition. Comes with original packaging. Asking $25 Shipped.
I have a US version of the Dared MP-5 along with the original tubes and upgraded Sovtek 12AX07 tubes. I also have an upgraded Volex cable. I bought this originally from Ken of ALO and it's in excellent condition. No scratches and the mirror finish is just as good as it was before. It's had about 100 hours used on it. If you are worried about hiss then you'll be glad to know that the upgraded tubes as well as the volex power cable resolve this problem. I noticed no hiss...
I got one sent PM.
Trying to get rid of this thing. So here's the final price drop.
Price drop 50 -> 45 shipped
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