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Bump with a price drop to $350
bump on a great amp!
Yes they are still available
Selling my Ray Samuels Audio HR-2 desk top amplifier.  Good shape, has a very small scratch on the power box, see photos.  Works perfectly and provides powerful and robust sound to any headphone you care to use.  Great amp.   Will include standard shipping to the continental USA in the asking price, please contact me for any other shipping requests and I'll be happy to work with you if you cover the additional shipping costs.   Thanks!
Forgive my lack of a specific suggestion, I have not had the opportunity to use any of the amps on your narrowed list.  That being said, perhaps I can ease your worry a bit by telling you that I have a pair of M50s and they sound really good no matter what I find to plug em into.  At this very moment I'm listening to my M50s while streaming tunes through my phone, which I am then piping into my iBasso D10 via USB.  Grin goes ear to ear.    I imagine you will be very...
That was a proper description!  Ultrasone Pro 750, now that looks promising!  Thank you for the suggestion!     When you say properly amped, what type of amp are you referring to?  Is the iBasso D10 up to the task or are we speaking of desktop only, etc..... 
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