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i need help I'm having issues with my right channel it seems that the actual piece inside the knob is loose and I can pull it out of the unit, when I put it back in I have to play with it to get the right channel to work I don't know what could help keep it in place and keep it from cutting out so I can have a functional unit, without having to worry about turning the right knob and the right channel losing sound. 
because mid's are the best on the hd650 :P
anyone here play MMO's specifically sandbox ? wildstar looks really good.... I'm very interested in playing on release :O. 
I prefer the lcd-2's lows but I love the mids on my hd650 too much to give them up for a lcd-2 if the mids were better on the lcd-2... omggggg
I think you lack an amp powerful enough for the hd650 which makes sense in your case. 
ya I dont know about 600 dollars for a cable :O 
I would love to build a whole cable from scratch but I think I'm going to go easy and work my way up on the cable. 
actually I'm going to buy the same cable from sennheiser only 14 bucks lol and I can just reterminate it :P 
I like it a lot ! I might as well try it out if I like it I might hold off on ordering new drivers which I will eventually get as well as a cable to reterminate to xlr  thanks for the mod !
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