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I love my la Figaro 339 pairing the mids bass vocals are the key advantages when listening to the hd650 and if you get lost in the moment you, let the music flow in you'll catch all the detail you could want( Make sure you're in a quiet room too).
What if I purchase two new drivers instead ?? Instead of spending 300-500 dollars I only spend 110 dollars.
Well luckily hd650 drivers for the pair run under 110 dollars + shipping.
if anyone is interested hd800 899.99
Thank you I hope so.
No I didn't and trying to find someone to fix it has been a passively and yearly process.
Mids, nice bass and vocals are what the hd650s excel at things like layering soundstage imaging detail all go hand and hand the way the hd650s represent those characteristics is different but its a preference I enjoy. I'd still love to own something like the hd800s and such yet they wouldn't replace my 650s they would complement them. if you listen to them with a very good amp setup you get a whole package, yes the hd650s don't have the largest soundstage but its big...
I was probably being modest about it, but EL-8 open back sounds superior in all aspects to the nighthawk imo.  they were both running off the Audeze deckard.
I have to disagree nighthawks sound like a poormans el-8 open back to me they lacked everything compared to it but had a similar sound signature.
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