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I would be interested in going I own a La Figaro 339 and HD650's my tube collection isn't large but I did purchase a pair of some of the better recommended tubes. I also own an original O2 amp my dac would have been the dragonfly but I feel that it is kinda out of commission (I believe the USB connector got damaged) It works but you have to tinker with it, tried opening but it looks like it was made to just fit 1 way (have to break the shell). I also live in south florida :)
*flame away* let em burn in I don't even know how that is possible, it's actually incomprehensible(to me) to say the HD-650 has any form of harshness in highs *treble*.
that's a nice tube collection wow that sucks what happened to your amp :(
no I haven't yet i'm unsure what else might need fixing, that is my issue I've told them my problem and for sure the right pot is either in need of tweaking or needs to be completely replaced, they emailed me asking me what i might need and i'm only hoping that is the only problem in need of fixing,  I'm going to write them back and tell them if they could send me that part and get a repair guy to replace it. 
my casing gets extremely hot *casing and all* but I don't mind the warmth :P lol 
what amp are you using with your hd650 ? because I never got the impression that the soundstage was smaller and I noticed a difference in soundstage going from the 02 amp to the La Figaro 339 with stock tubes.
the difference in overall presentation of music and bass fill in is huge when i compared my La Figaro 339 to the O2 amp
lmao boring ? the only way the 650's are boring is if you have no soul... or a good amp lmao.
the downtime is mostly trying to fix it myself or find someone to do it :(.
  is 50 dollars an hour good price for repair its at a audio repair shop, also could that pcb board be damaged ? or anything else on it that could be causing the issue ? also the problem seems to be that over time as well as something to do with the pot assembly, the right side starts to lose sound and make weird crackling noises, could that be an issue with power going into it, could that be a soldering issue just in it's self ?
New Posts  All Forums: