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Wow I forgot I had these listed so bump
I'm putting up my westone 4r and um pro 30s for sale. I take care of all my headphones. 4rs are $400obo and the um pros are $350obo. The um pros have less then 60hrs on them and the 4rs have less then 100 hrs on them. Both sound amazing I'm just really happy with my w40s. I did switch the cables from the umpro 30s with my w40s. I will take a pic just so its clear.  I only accept paypal and no I will not ship first. I have feedback on ebay and other forums if you want me to...
well one review said it was and some reviews said no. I'm waiting on someone who has both um3x and the new um pro 30s that can do a thorough review and comparison.
New design and new cable yes, New sound is debatable, hopefully we get a review and comparison from joker soon.
I don't think he was comparing them to the w line at least not the whole line. He was just giving his impressions of the new um pro line.
Did you let the 30s burn in or are you going off out of the box sound. I know mine sounded different after 50 hrs. I'd like to know what your thoughts are after they are properly burned in.
The um pro 30s plastic is the same matriel as the old ums so I pretty sure the w series should be at least the same quality or better material as the old w series. I think worse case scenario is both the new lines sound the same just with  minor cosmetic changes.
I can't compare the um pro 30s to um3x but I agree that I enjoy the 4r overall when it comes to pretty much any genre of music.
Haha ya right klipsch has never sounded as good as any westone product
Swan m200mkii around $300 would be a good choice but audioengine a5s are probably just as good. I went to guitar center today and they have a buy one get one half off on the krk rokits. So rp6g2 are around $300 for a pair and less for the rp5g2. I would go with the rp6g2 if you go to guitar center.
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