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Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the conclusion with different amps.
Quote: Originally Posted by jfkbike UPDATE. I do now! I have spent all weekend playing with my system and sources. Bottom line the m902 is the problem. I hooked up the Wadia to a PS Audio (modified) Digilink DAC and then to the SinglePower and what a difference. I was skeptical as to the comments on what an amp can do but I am a believer now. I have played with two CD sources (Spectral and Arye), through both amps, as well as the Wadia i170 and all kick...
^^^Do it; whatever makes your ears happy!^^^
In reading that review, I felt like a kid in a candy store...hmm...come to think of it, you are one lucky ! Like a few others have said, in reading your review, I had the sudden desire to go and look up some of the music that you used for your review; no luck. Can you give a few more details regarding the artists? The various amps, sources, cables, music, etc., Wow! That was a first, I have never read anything like that before. Speaking of amplifiers, the Rudi...
Subscribed; however, I will keep out of the way until you are finished with your impressions. Thanks Francis, please keep them coming.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherwood Kids, I'm in the club. SN 03024, formerly owned by 4N6, should arrive in Casa Sherwood this Thursday. Congratulations! 4N6 has been trimming down the lot.
Interesting indeed! That area in the 1 to 5k range; how does it relate to sound? When I heard the R10, I remember it having a magical midrange that seemed pinpoint with instruments. But the bass did not seem so nicely done.
Quote: Originally Posted by moonboy403 Here are the pictures that I took at the meet and our after-meet raging party. If I offended you with the outrageous descriptions, I apologize in advance. I also realized that I don't have a picture of every one of you and/or your rig. Don't be offended if you and/or your rig weren't in the picture. Gary, I cannot believe you finished that entire meal and desert...I'd love to have your metabolism! I...
Quote: Originally Posted by monotune Day two of the 8's. I have to say I am really happy. It was a big decision to drop that kind of money. My ipod setup should be insured . I have to say that I would agree for the money Ultrasone is charging for the Edition 8 I would expect a better cable. I noticed this with most high end headphones. It is a little shocking. I have learned from years of playing music that cabling makes a huge difference. In the studio...
^^^Makes you want to grab the screen^^^ Thanks for sharing!
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