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^ - This has got to go guys. Make an offer.
Hi All. For sale is an as new Cowon Q5W PMP. Bought a couple of weeks ago, it's only been used for two days. Even the transparant plastic protective sleeve is still attached on the screen. It is in perfect working condition. Reason for sale so quick - it's bulkier than I thought it would be and doesn't suit my needs. Item is located in Brisbane. Please PM me with offers. First in best dressed. Intl offers welcome, but all transactions would be done in AUD.
oh fug. I thought I was still in the FS/FT forum. oops. Mods - can you please move for me? Thanks.
If anyone has - please pm me.
'Lo All. Been a while since I have visited Head-Fi. Just doing an interest check to see if anyone would be keen on a meet in Brisbane with a focus on Lossless music and other high end musical sources and recordings. I wouldn't go as far to say that no MP3's are permitted at this meet - but priority would certainly be given towards members with major lossless music collection and input. It is my firm belief that the differences in cables, tweaks and other minor...
Is there a battery upgrade you can do? That would be sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Qosmio I choose A3 because it's support all common encoded and comes 10EQ perhaps it'll be wide soundstage looks like itunes maybe i really curious too with A3 actually,and i think Q5 won't support Flac btw The only reason I would choose the Q5 is the bigger screen. I'm sure the Q5 supports flac. But yea - the cool thing is the A3 can record in flac. That's sweet.
If it's been a while since I've been opinionated on head-fi, it's definitely been a looong while since asking for the professional advice of the head-fi massive. I'm in the market for a new PMP. Last three contenders for me is the Q5W, Cowon A3 or the Archos 704. Top three in terms of importance for me is: Supports FLAC Digital out Long battery life If anyone owns any of the above three models (or can suggest something else) - I'm all ears (so to speak). I...
Mmmm - that head band is now seriously p*ssing me off. I'm doing the ball stretch at night when I go to sleep. (I put my headphone around a football to stretch it out). I really do hope it softens up. On another side note - "all rounder" for me also includes price. I got mine new for about $310 AUD due to the strong dollar.
Quote: Originally Posted by kool bubba ice I hated the sound of the 701s with the DAC1.. Thin, cold, sterile.. They were very clear & analytical, but for music & movie was a downer.. Now the BADA12 & the 701's are a great combo.. Very musical & lively.. Yea - but it's new for me. I could always go back to my Sennheiser Veil.
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