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Longueuil metro I can handle, just not sure about Sherbrooke university???? Isn't that in Sherbrooke city? Anyhow, just post the exact address once it all finalized and I google-map it.
Count me in. I was considering the Q-Jays... perfect timing for me to try them first EDIT: tried to read the thread quickly, please confirm the location before the date as I can only travel on the Ilsand of MTL.
How do you like the q-Jays? have you owned other IEM to compare?
Where can I get a pair in Canada? Preferably Montreal, but I don't mind ordering online... Anything else in the same price range available in Canada I should consider? Peter
Ok let me get this streight... I don't come to the forum for 5 months and you guys decide to keep looking for new and better products??? Glad to hear things keep progressing in the IEM world. I just got a pair of Creative's EP-630 and I can use those as a reference. How do the MylarOne X3 compare in terms of: clarity Bass Mids Treble isolation playing at low volumes (the EP-630 loose alot of detail a low volume) cable/wind noises Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by EdT Any of you guys into cigars ? We can organize a smoking session at Habana SA on Sherbrooke to relax and then head over to the meet wherever it might be. Anyone ? Habana SA on Sherbrooke... I'm intrigued... Is it still possible to smoke a cigar without getting arrested? Romeo y Julieta - Romeo no.1 Romeo y Julieta - Churchill Cohiba - Coronas Especiales Partagas serie D #4 Montecristo #1 Sadly, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Febs You almost certainly failed to get a proper seal. And the word is "bass." Oh boy, here we go... you don't like my spelling? hu? hu? But seriously, about the seal, I had the foamys on and as time went by and as they expanded in my ear, I could hear a change in the sound but nothing I could qualify as BASS. I even had a hard time to remove them when I tried a second time to make sure I had a proper seal. I'm...
Walked into a musik store when I had 10 minutes to kill while waiting for someone and poped the question: Do you have any IEMs? Next out comes the E4c from behind the counter. Took them for a spin and then I ran out of the store feeling stupid for having read all the e4c reviews I could find. The e4c are smooth sounding and accurate in a pleasing way. The isolation is awsome. The catch is that they have NO BASE! I was dissapointed.... I'm not even going to bring up the...
Quote: Originally Posted by larryminator 1. Larryminator 2. Sebascrub 3. DanT 4. Nightfire 5. EdT 6. Cloud_C Add you name to the list please. Count me in!!!! Can bring my iPod nano ear buds But seriously, I'm new that's all I have. I suggest we meet at a restaurant, make an evening out of it. Preferable a place with beer... if everyone is over 18 that is 1. Larryminator 2. Sebascrub 3. DanT 4. Nightfire 5. EdT 6. Cloud_C 7. peter_m
If she is running, sound isolation could be a problem for her safety. Lately, the V-moda Vibes and the JBL reference 220 have been getting good attention. They both offer less isolation then true IEM but a little more then standard ear-buds. The JBL might be less expensive. cheers
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