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Agreed. Silly. It just shows they didn't care either way and just used what fit their requirements.
Gotcha.  Yes, that's ideal.  I need to update the desktop rig (old one didn't with its proper full size Toslink), but for some reason, the brand new iMac 27" 5K i7 4GHz unit I have doesn't support optical at 192.  Indeed, the MBP does.
Nice. Thanks!
What does this driver do? I use no driver from them at all on my Mac. Am I missing out or is the Mac just smart enough to not to need one. Seems to work fine.
So basically, we need to do CCK to USB input on the HiFi-M8 and we're good to go to 24/192?
Nice.  The V1 version is only $10US with free shipping.  Sold!
I tried my new DI-U8 and it was great. What's a driver needed for, I just plugged it in and off it went.
That looks just right! Do you have a part number for it? Thanks! Any other ideas on #1?
I've owned my HiFi M8 for 2-3 years and have two questions. Though I've been subscribed, I haven't noticed updates on these: 1. There was a need for update on some high res files and it was unclear if CEntrance could fix it. Has this happened? 2. I still am looking for a form fitting case to transport my M8 in my daily bag without too much bulk, but I'm always worried about the knob and other parts getting damaged. What's the best practice for this? Thanks!!
Oh, I see now.l. I'll send a PM.
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