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+5.5 Years  At one point someone was selling some matching HD 800 paint.  Did any of you get some, and if so, how did it go and where did you get it?  Thanks!
It's relative. I found that these aren't as hot as others I've tried. For example, Alpha Dogs, yuck. They're the best closed headphone I've tried, but I prefer my HD 800 any day of the week when I don't need a closed set.
Thanks! I'll have to check on the heat. It didn't seem all that hot at last check, but I'll keep an eye on it and move as needed.
Anyone who has a Sony RM-DM5K, does this unit just output an IR signal such that I could get a Xantech connecting block and just a minijack male-to-male to control it from a universal remote?  I'm concerned it looks like a stereo minijack, whereas typically IR is sent as a single signal.  Could one of the connections power the IR sensor?
Does anyone still have the plug in IR sensor for the guys or maybe a spare?   I remember buying my D-35 as a kid from the Service Merchandise catalog, waiting and waiting until I could get it.  The music calendar and A-B options were truly akin to an ES product.
Thanks very much.  I'm curious to understand what really the DI-U8 is doing to the signal that makes an improvement.  I admit I don't understand digital jitter, etc.  It was pretty fun today to hook up a 1994 or so Sony D-335 Discman with optical out into the DI-U8, Headroom Triple Stack and balanced HD 800.  I found the Discman in my basement and thought I'd drop it into an open port.  A bit silly on the 16/44.1, but I suppose it's better than the MP3s a lot are using.
Silly question, I'm finding that I'm going to be able to use my MBP that has 24/192 toslink output instead of my iMac I bought this for. Is there any reason to continue using my DI-U8 for going coaxial to a DAC through the DI-U8 vs direct via toslink? Further, should I instead use the USB audio out to the DI-U8 vs the toslink to the DI-U8?
Hi, One of the two connectors on the OEM HD 800 cable has somehow gotten a bit loose in the socket, and I wondered if anyone else has experienced this.  It's not a big deal, but it can happen that the cable can disconnect on its own, and that probably isn't the best thing ever.  If you have, did you do something about it?  I was thinking about putting just a single thin piece of tape around the connector to make it more snug.
Agreed. Silly. It just shows they didn't care either way and just used what fit their requirements.
Gotcha.  Yes, that's ideal.  I need to update the desktop rig (old one didn't with its proper full size Toslink), but for some reason, the brand new iMac 27" 5K i7 4GHz unit I have doesn't support optical at 192.  Indeed, the MBP does.
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