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If I were Sennheiser, I'd make a new ultra high end flagship.  They would sell a few and if they could break even, it would be a positive to the brand.  I don't know if it's true today, but at one point they made Corvettes at breakeven to sell Cavaliers
What a great opportunity.  Sadly it would be a bit of a trek for me from the USA, but someday I hope to have the opportunity.  I literally had a small poster of the Orpheus set on my wall in the early 90s.
I'll nominate The Graduate by Simon & Garfunkel   I grabbed 24/192 release from HD Tracks, and I would just caution that it may not be great without a crossfeed filter/amp (maybe great with).  It's true to the recording, and the sound quality is good, but in headphones the stereo separation is so stark on several songs that it's really strange to listen to.  Often an instrument is completely in one ear while another is completely in another (i.e. guitar in left, bass in...
Who knew it was so hard to give something away without complaints...
Yep.  Unfortunately they prioritized their selling of equipment over what was becoming more competitive in an industry they practically launched.  The BUDA with DPS is very hard to beat by anything out there.
Sounds like a plan!  You flip back a few pages to see pics of the mod I had done for balanced.
marshallmole, I use the Centrance HiFi-M8, which works very well.  The T5p can run off of anything, but I think the HiFi-M8 pairs well given its built in battery in case you have to go somewhere and flexible connections.  I use the T5p in the office, but I also take it with my MacBook Pro around other areas in the building to just sit and work.  I did make mine balanced with HD 800 connectors and use the XL4 version of the M8.  The cost is a good fit for the cans too.  I...
Good luck with your triple stack.  I enjoy mine so much I'd really enjoy picking up a second set just in case something were to happen (but alas I can't swing that).
Yes! Yes! I would love to have the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies with HD 700s!  It sounds like it could be a high-end experience at a mid-range price!
Indeed, that would be awesome and fits with their marketing. :)
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