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Crazy it is listed on Amazon UK as discontinued by manufacturer.  It's hard to believe they would straight up discontinue the HD 800, which by many is simply considered the best headphone out there.
I would really enjoy trying a pair of these guys out!  I have some Sennheiser RS 130s and RS 65s gathering dust.  If you really can get Momentum performance wirelessly, these could really be great.
I'd say there's no chance of that. It'd be like giving in to your longtime nemesis
It looks liked these are HD 800 connectors like mine! I really like the fit. I assume it's from the balanced drive bs just cable quality, but I was surprised by the difference.
At $1,200, those aren't the regular price, and Amazon still lists for $1500.  Perhaps there was some sort of holiday blow-out and they went back to Amazon.  I'm not sure HD800s need to decline in price much to sell them.  Since they still sell HD 600s and the 800 have been received so well, I doubt Sennheiser would just update them.  In the mid 90s I bought HD 580 Precision (as a pre-order), they offered a higher priced HD 580 Jubilee shortly thereafter, but I think the...
DPSes go for sale on eBay now and again, and I bet you could buy someone's Astrodyne who wants a DPS. Since I have the DPS and UDAC and BUDA come with Astrodynes, I sold those to afford the DPS. I bet you'd miss the DPS though!
If I were Sennheiser, I'd make a new ultra high end flagship.  They would sell a few and if they could break even, it would be a positive to the brand.  I don't know if it's true today, but at one point they made Corvettes at breakeven to sell Cavaliers
What a great opportunity.  Sadly it would be a bit of a trek for me from the USA, but someday I hope to have the opportunity.  I literally had a small poster of the Orpheus set on my wall in the early 90s.
I'll nominate The Graduate by Simon & Garfunkel   I grabbed 24/192 release from HD Tracks, and I would just caution that it may not be great without a crossfeed filter/amp (maybe great with).  It's true to the recording, and the sound quality is good, but in headphones the stereo separation is so stark on several songs that it's really strange to listen to.  Often an instrument is completely in one ear while another is completely in another (i.e. guitar in left, bass in...
Who knew it was so hard to give something away without complaints...
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