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I'd enjoy seeing really great closed cans from Sennheiser!
Makes me think I shoild rebrand my T5p's now that they have a removable cable!
It wasn't easy to find the A&K version on their site (was in accessories), so here's the direct link:   It says "2.5mm balanced terminal for Astell&Kern … supports full-balanced output… Moreover, the 2.5mm-to-3.5mm interconnector is provided for use with the first generation Astell&Kern players as well as other mobile devices and portable players."
Perhaps he'll be our newest member.  Celebrities are people too.  I'm sure he didn't buy XCs on accident.
I agree with that.  In this case, the XC is definitely not developed for celebrity appearances.
Fair point.  I think it's great when the public can get behind quality, regardless of why they do it.  If Neil Young can get people away from 128kbps or 256kbps MP3s with compressed dynamic range, by all means!
Awesome.  Great to see celebs with really high quality gear
I still really really enjoy the BUDA+DPS (which you're probably sick of hearing), but indeed, the older home line wasn't up to the standard of the higher-end products.  I was really close to picking up a Max Balanced Amp, and I'm really impressed by that piece.  I spent quite a while talking with Jorge and others at HeadRoom and was told that because of the improvements they made with the pair vs the monster max unit that they would recommend that pair over the monolithic...
Ahh. I saw them before at least a couple hundred cheaper, but that still might be out of the range. Sorry!
If your question is what's the sweet spot for value and performance, as many have noted, that may be subjective.   Generally speaking there's a HUGE improvement from $50-$100,another huge improvement from $100-$400, and then I think it gets "squishy".  Performance will vary a ton from $400-$1,750 or so, but at the upper end of that range, you start to get much better power supplies, which can help lower the noise floor and distortion quite a lot.  Above this mark, I...
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