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It looks like the seller updated the description with a huge block of text without line returns (ugh) that seems to be from someone's review.  Nevertheless, it's unclear what modules might be in this unit.  The description says it's an Ultra, but that's not listed on the amp/dac.  I think you could've upgraded the modules to the Max versions (as listed in the review).  Does anyone recall how it worked on this line?   I don't need need the unit, but at that price I might...
I saw this come up on eBay this AM: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HeadRoom-Ultra-Desktop-Amp-w-Desktop-Power-Supply-Headphones-AMP-/201371573333 Please let me be clear I didn't list this or know who did. The Desktop Power Supply was sold for $599 near the end of the run on its own (Jorge told me their parts got more expensive, so they raised the price by $100), and this auction comes with it (its cord), and the Desktop Amp with built in DAC. The listing says Ultra, so maybe...
When they stopped producing the amps, they told me they kept a bunch of parts for service issues.  My experience has been that HR products are really solid and rarely need servicing.  Take the opportunity to pick up a nice amp at what should be low prices used.  It probably wouldn't hurt to send info over to them requesting they re-launch!
It is sad indeed. I still really enjoy my triple stack. Crossfeed makes a ton of sense for music designed to be listened to speakers (basically all of it).
I'd enjoy seeing really great closed cans from Sennheiser!
Makes me think I shoild rebrand my T5p's now that they have a removable cable!
It wasn't easy to find the A&K version on their site (was in accessories), so here's the direct link: http://www.astellnkern.com/eng/htm/accessory/akt5p.asp   It says "2.5mm balanced terminal for Astell&Kern … supports full-balanced output… Moreover, the 2.5mm-to-3.5mm interconnector is provided for use with the first generation Astell&Kern players as well as other mobile devices and portable players."
Perhaps he'll be our newest member.  Celebrities are people too.  I'm sure he didn't buy XCs on accident.
I agree with that.  In this case, the XC is definitely not developed for celebrity appearances.
Fair point.  I think it's great when the public can get behind quality, regardless of why they do it.  If Neil Young can get people away from 128kbps or 256kbps MP3s with compressed dynamic range, by all means!
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