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I really like my CEntrance HiFi-M8 to amp my T5p.  It works well with it and my HD 800.  It should go without saying it has more than enough power for the T5p.  When I get my modded headphones back (took the opportunity to put HD 800 connectors on there since my jack broke after 4 weeks with these headphones as new) I'll use XLR 4.  I like the selectability of that amp to do a bit of EQ, but I usually just leave it flat.  The battery is great and matches well to my use...
I'd be interested to see the T5p reviewed here.  It's a match to the T1 and is tied in their minds to the T1 as a flagship.  I have to say that I prefer it to the Alpha Dog and every other closed headphone I've tried.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think a closed headphone can do what an open one can, but when you need closed, you need closed.  I have a T5p that was just modified to HD 800 connectors I could send for reviews if necessary.
Good info.  I'll have to try mine out.  Yes, I think at those levels many could have permanent damage in just 15 minutes.  I'm glad there's a good setup that works for you!
Older post from JoonBug, but I guess I find with my HD 800 balanced that I can run it on the low gain setting just fine.  I suppose I use the middle position most of the time, but I'd be really low on the dial in that case.  Can you measure the SPL from the cans to see what you get?
Brian hooked me up, thanks!! I'm going to do HD 800 sockets so I can swap my cables. This makes it a bunch more expensive because the connectors aren't cheap. I should have it back in a couple of weeks.
I'm getting my Beyerdynamic T5p converted to 4-pin XLR and I have my HD 800s also with 4-pin XLR.  The HD 800 came with 1/4", so I had a cable made with a pigtail female 4-pin to 1/4" to retain compatibility and original functionality.  The T5p can easily be run from a portable device at just 32Ω, so I thought I'd try to get a female 4-pin to 1/8".  It seems like someone must just sell a cheap cable that does this.  It doesn't have to be any better than the...
Great idea. I figured someone here would work, but I didn't know how to find them.
That's a good thought.  I'll try a pro audio store.  Anyone here interested in doing this instead?
I'm not great at soldering.  Would anyone be willing to drop a 4 pin XLR on my T5p for something fairly reasonable?  I'm just thinking a cheap Neutrik.  I unscrew the cable connector and see everything visible, and I think it would only take a handful of minutes for someone who is experienced.  Thanks for considering!
Am I the only one who can't remember to turn this thing off when I'm done with it?   Surprising that disconnecting USB can't make it shut off (or at least nothing coming through the D side of the DAC) wouldn't shut it down.  I suppose the portable nature of it makes me feel like it should do this on its own, whereas I don't forget to turn off the amp, dac, and power supply of my big rig.
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