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Hey guys, just checking-in to see if anyone has thoughts on these questions.  Thanks!
I'm going to start this out saying that I rarely use the HiFi M8.  I originally intended to do so, but I ended up moving offices where I could keep my large rig.  I took the M8 home, and noticed this weekend that after maybe the 5th plug in or out ever of the USB-B connector, that it broke.  I don't see any block that you usually would see with a USB-B connector, so I'm wondering if it was like this to begin with.   So CEntrance wants to charge me $100 + shipping to deal...
Based upon the recording. The best headphones should replicate the sound recorded as can be charted. I.e. A frequency input = a frequency output at the same level of intensity. The one exception here for headphones is the way it was recorded: for headphones or for loudspeakers. On this point, I'll use my BUDA's crossfeed circuit if you're getting too much separation not intended.
[SPOILER=Warning: Spoiler![/SPOILER]This too. I am with JWolf and want my sound always to sound as intended as closely as possible, but if you want to change recordings to all sound the way you like, go for it.
This. 1000% this.
I also would say that the color looks much more subtle than I anticipated.  It looks good however, and I think my camera did it justice.
My pleasure.  It's worth noting there was a packing list inside with my info too, in case that wasn't clear.
So, I'm not going to do some silly video, but I thought some might want to see these:   Arrival today in Indianapolis: It sure is snug packaging: Box Inside Box Open Underneath One Side (the color is really subtle) The Other   Haven't tried them yet…
A must watch for those waiting:
It can, but it seems mine on vehicle for delivery today is perhaps going to arrive earlier than most…
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