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My littlest, Elliott:
That does make sense.  Thanks
I have really enjoyed my dual 12" M&K Sub, but I bought it almost 20 years ago (replaced the drivers 7 years ago).  I bet this would be an awesome replacement!
Sounds like you have the same machine as mine.  I wonder why I have more CPU activity.  Frankly, I'm not sure why there should be more than 1% when it's sitting in the background.
Thanks for the note. My music sounds good, but I'm wondering why it consumes so much in the background. Could others check using activity monitor?
I've noticed that Amarra seems to use 12.5% on average of my CPU on my late 2013 MacBook Pro even when it's been paused for a long time.  This figure is reported by activity monitor.  This happens whether the cache playback is on or not.  My machine is as powerful as the laptops come with the 2.6 i7 16 GB RAM and a 1TB SSD, so it seems to be pretty intensive while paused.  What do other see when when Amarra is not playing?  Thanks!
I am selling my B&W MM-1 speakers because I am changing offices (and to fund some Alpha Dogs).   I bought the special B&W extension cable so I could do cable routing more easily.  It's a proprietary cable, and I will include it.  It cost $50 to buy it including shipping from Europe (about $10 of that price) It includes the remote (which is shown to the right of the left speaker) It has a warranty until October 22, 2014 It has the current firmware I'm pretty sure I...
I have PM notifications selected, but for some reason I only get the pop-up when on HF without any email. Has anyone seen this, and is there anywhere else I should look for a missing setting? It doesn't look like they show up in junk mail. Thanks for listening to the silly question!
So, I'm resurrecting an old thread.  Would you do a mod like this for XLR 4 pin for someone else, and if so, what would you do it for?
I don't have a Kinect, but I can't imagine how this would work.  The HiFace/Two is USB to S/PDIF directional audio.
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