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Thank you.   Does anyone know how either the Triple or Quad sound right out of an iPhone without an amp? Is one more easily driven?
Finally, the time has come where I can purchase a new set of Customs! My UE5c's have served me well over the last 6 year, but they are beginning to die on me. I have decided to purchase a pair of 1964 ears largely due to budget constraints, but also because I hear great things about their products.   So the question is should I get the Triples or Quads? I don't have an amp and will be listening to these monitors mostly through my Macbook Pro (2008) and my iPhone...
So I've been lucky enough to get a really good deal on some UE customs and need some help deciding which pair to get. I like my music to sound 'fun' and not really analytical which is why I'm not considering the UE10. I don't have any amps so I will be listening directly from my iPhone 3G and my Unibody Macbook Pro. Will I notice much of a difference between the UE7 and UE18 since I'm not using an amp that it would be worth the extra money? Which of these monitors...
Quote: Originally Posted by grawk I know that I am extremely happy with my JH13s straight from the iphone. I use them with a griffin smarttalk cable and they've become my phone headset . I'm listening to great music, and then a call comes in, and I just hit the button and start talking. It's a transformative experience, I tell you. Thanks thats good to know! Do you use an amp at all. How much of a difference does this give you? Jude, I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by LintHart Yep damn good question. Are your impressions mostly based on amped performance? Is there a significant difference between amped, and HP sound? does it 'open the floodgates' so to speak? cheers mate, wonderful review. you've completely confirmed for that that i've ordered the right customs Hi Jude. I was also wondering what the JH16's sound like straight out of an iPhone 3GS. I'm thinking of saving up for...
For those of you who have both UE and JH customs do you see a big difference in build quality of the monitors? I noticed the cable on the JH customs are not recessed into the monitor like they are on UE monitors? Is the cable more likely to break because of this? As far as the construction of the shell goes, are one company's constructed better, look nicer, etc?
Check out this company Fuze Custom Earphones Headphones | Easy & Affordable Custom Fit Earphones in 15 Minutes They seem to use pretty much the same material as Radians. I think your idea might work if you insert the earphone into your ear and then mold the material around that. I will be trying this soon for one of my headsets.
Quote: Originally Posted by AtomikPi I can listen just below 80 dB, a little bit bumped above my normal level, without issues. How do you know what decibel level you are out putting through your JH13's? I have a pair of UE customs and would like to know approximately how loud I'm listening. Thanks!
I believe that someone mentioned in one of the other threads that a JH-16 is supposed to be announced in January. So you may want to wait a few weeks. But other than that it seems like everyone really loves the JH-13.
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