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 Sure.  It's still a DAC and an amp.  It's just idle.
 Multiple people have talked about the jacks not being aligned.  I'm not disputing that happened. Me, I waited a few weeks for any shakeout to happen -- and it did, with the missing part, and the alignment.  Mine was aligned normally, and passed Nick's missing part test. IIRC, you had the two USB cables come apart when unplugged, correct?  Had I been in your shoes, I would have taken a picture of the back of the Fulla 2, and those cable ends, and sent it to Schiit, along...
 That was Mike, the grumpier and less diplomatic half of the Schiit founders.  Without looking, IIRC you were pretty loud in that its quality and workmanship was pretty poor.  Your picture looked bad but not fatally flawed.  Schiit is fairly consistent with their, "If it's broken, we'll fix it, but if you don't like how we're doing it, feel free to buy someone else's gear."  Jason is just more diplomatic. That said, Nick does have a BS threshold that is fairly high.  I've...
 They offered a DSD decoder, and it failed.  They killed off the product after its initial production run sold off, which took years.
 The way I see it, you're two and a half months ahead of schedule. (Now someone is going to kill me!)
 I don't know on Windoze.  I presume you have to go into the registry (or with a registry tool) and dig around a bit. With Linux, it should show up when you do "sudo lsusb -v > schiit.lst" and view schiit.lst and search for Schiit in all the info.  It will say 0 mA, 100 mA or 500 mA for the power requirements.
 Not normal.  That one should be returned, with an explanation email.  (Get whatever RMA you need, first.)
 You'd probably be inconveniently deaf at that point.
 True, and Jason said here that it runs substantially cooler with the new heat sinks.  But, AFAIK, that was the last word on 4 ohm speakers was what Jason said here. I think, unofficially, it comes down to, "Use your head when using the amp." 
 Jason has said in here that he wasn't going to rate Vidar at 4 ohms in bridged mode.  Part of that was the RMAF demo where one Vidar prototype (with different heat sink design) overheated in bridged mode more than once with a 4 ohm load. He did say that it should work in its' final form bridged into a 4 ohm load, but that they weren't going to rate it that way. Whether they stand by that position or not, is, of course, up to Jason and Mike.  But Ableza is right in that,...
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