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 Possibly your Yggy would light the "buy better hardware" (sync trouble) light.
 I've learned to take that stance: exactly what are you being cheap for?
 If we knew, it wouldn't be [REDACTED]! :-)  Except for a monumental project that Mike/Baldr is cooking up, Schiit is reluctant to unwilling to talk about future products.  Bad Things Happen when you get ahead of events.
 I recall vaguely someone deciding to take apart one of those multi-thousand dollar power cords and not only found it to be rather pedestrian wire, the connectors were potted with bathroom RTV (which outgasses acetic acid, which in turn corrodes copper).  I believe it was online.
 At least it won't be dubbed "Dingleberry" like *cough* another product in your lineup nearly was.
Balanced LPS, made with white meat.
 Nothing wrong with lossless compression.  It's lossy compression that you don't want.
 I ended up buying Schiit on a "leap of faith" after seeing the name come up.  User reviews' quality was spotty in that lots of products recommended were using headphones that I knew sounded like ass.  But it was easy to say, "$200, let's try it, what can go wrong?"  I'm pretty satisfied with my choices!
Speaking of "obsolete," I wonder when that ad is going to run.
Stereophile is just hung up on the "obsolete" DACs not providing the last few bits of (in)significance and can't get past that.
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