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Up for sale is an as new Audio Valve RKV MKIII Headphone amp with 300 hours on it. The amp is extremely versatile accepting balanced, unbalanced, and speaker tap connections. The impedance selector switch can accommodate virtually any headphone and there is also a built in mm phono input. Just plug in a turntable with a mm cartridge and listen to vinyl.Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer and Pay Pall users please add 3.5% Includes:Original box and owner's...
Up for sale is a Graham Slee Ultralinear Solo with the PSU1 upgraded power supply.  This amplifier has received great praise as a solid state amp with a tube like sound.  Packaging is MIA but I will pack the contents well.  The package is half off which is a great deal.  Please email with any questions.   Pay pal users add 3%.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.
Hi,   I have one in a Pelican case that keeps it protected.  Isn't shipping going to be really expensive though?  Send me your email and I will send you some pics...
Hi Sam,   The GS1000s benefit from a tube amp.  I would recommend that you take a look at this amp and put some stock Tung Sol 6V6.  I have this exact set up and it works well......   Take a look at this:   http://www.questforsound.com/amps/amps_sq84-V2.htm
Up for sale is a Melos SHA 1 in great shape.  It comes with the original owner's manual and various tubes including 7DJ8, 6DJ8, and 6922 (see picture). If you love Grados, then you will love this amp.  Pay Pal users add 3%.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.
Hi,   Up for sale is a Trafomatic  Experience Head One with upgraded tubes (please see the pictures).  The amp has a small ding in the upper left hand corner which is why I am lowering the price of the amp even with the upgraded tubes.  Pay pal users please add 3%.  Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  This amp is very reasonably price so the price is firm.   Please PM with any questions.
Up for sale is a pair of Audeze LCD 2 headphones in great condition.  In addition to the stock cable, I will include a balanced 15 foot Norse Audio Cable and an unbalanced 15 foot Norse Audio cable.  I tried three different aftermarket cables and the Norse were my favorite for this headphone.  In full disclosure, the wooden box that the headphones came has a dented bottom corner where the packaging was not that great.  So for the asking price, you have nice a pair of LCD...
Up for sale is a pair of Sennheiser HD 800 headphones.  They come with a 15 foot Stefan Art Audio cable.  Hear the 800s at their best with no wait for the cable!  The headphones have a 1 inch scratch on the bottom of the earcup as I was not careful removing the stock cable once.  That is the full disclosure.  That is the only reason these are such a great price. Other than that..the headphones and cable are in great condition.  I will provide all original packaging and...
Try the 650 upgrade cable from Revelation Audio Labs. I used the cable with the combo you are talking about and it made a big difference.
Up for sale is an as new pair of Denon-AHD 7000 headphones.  Original packaging, literature, etc is as new.    Pay Pal users add 3% and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  Only shipping to Continental US.     Please PM with any questions.  Thanks!
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