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Oh snap, I forgot about Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Samgotit her Wow. Another female not posting in the are there any females here thread.
*BUMP* to tick off people here being a d*ck to me about this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoppergrass not all of us. halloween is my favorite holiday. Clarify: They are where I live. Better? It's so bad here that children that dress up at home to go trick-or -treating in their neighborhoods are belittled at school. How's that "thou shall not judge"?
Can you believe there are members here that are angry because I posted this thread? Got Prozac?
Quote: Originally Posted by rlanger Whoopee! Post whore!
Quote: Originally Posted by grawk The question wasn't "Should women ask guys out on dates" it was "Should they be able to". Hugely different question. I think it was implied. But then again, the person who started all this (B.S. ego c-rap) acted as if they shouldn't even be allowed.
Splurge General Discussion funny threads or uptight anal retentives?
Quote: Originally Posted by ecclesand She said she wanted to stay single...she didn't mention anything about casual sex. Get her loaded and then hit it.... Ah, to be 18 again. You'll look back on this moment when you're in your 40s and married and think..."Why didn't I hit that?" We're talking about teenagers? I thought they were in the lower 20's. That explains alot. Teenage girls are flakier than bisquits. All my previous advice, I take...
Quote: Originally Posted by fordgtlover I mean I because that's what I was thinking. I don't know what you were thinking when I wrote that statement. If you had the same idea it was because we were posting to him at the same time. We posted #221 & #222 at the same time (both at 11:17pm), but mine was #221. We both mention poll. Clearly our thinking was in the same space at the same time - I have no particlular objection to sharing the poll - it's...
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