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Portable player HIFIMAN HM-901U, is the upgrade of the original Hm-901. Hifiman did the upgrade in China this summer, and come with 3 amp cards ( Balanced, Minibox, Musical box ) I am the second owners, have used the player for One month.. I can't leave with the battery life, and i need something with USB charge. The Hifiman sound amazing, and also more with good headphone. I don't have the original box, but i can add a Pelican hard case black.   I have 2+ positive...
Any good silver cable for the Roxanne not to expensive ?
How does the JH Roxanne old version, pair with the QR!r ? 
How does the JH Roxanne, old version pair with it ?
Anyone have a good bluetooth earphone for sale ?   Like no cable, just the buds.. Thanks !
WHAT?!!!! Questyle + RHA MA600 particularly with Bob Marley and Black Dub album ... Sounds SO good !!
Wheel problem fixed with this band-aid, easy removable and good grip.
Just got today the QP1R gold version and very happy with the sound signature, not to far from the my previous Cayin N6 that i like very much, and the Hifiman HM-901U have to go !
Having before the ZX2 balanced and Cayin N6 for 2 years and never find my CIEM or IEM to be a bad match. Love My AKG K3003 with jazz music on The 901U... But cannot listen electronic music with it anymore. I guess HM should be better with Classical.
I got the Hifiman HM-901U with Minibox also have balanced and Musical box,  and founding the player a little to piercing on treble for my ear. I do really love the HM on acoustic Jazz with good recording, but all my DSD files sound way to bright for me. Also i find annoying to stay near to a 120v plug when the battery goes down, or having a battery spare in my pocket..You still need a screw driver with you if you need to change the battery. Anyway, for selling now......
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