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Like i said before i got HIFIMAN hm-901U, so i've try a HD800 with it, and its not a really good match... So i sold the HD800. Now, i'm going to have a JH audio Roxanne customs. The HIFIMAN is a really good sounding player, but the battery life is only 8 hours... + i can't charge via USB. That's  going to be a problem for me, since a travel a lot...   SO for sell, HM901U with 3 amp cards. Balanced,Minibox and Musical box..   Im planning to get the AK300... will see if...
Hey guys, I got a new Hifiman Hm-901U with 3 differents amp cards. Love it with my CIEM, and Audeze Sine. But its seem sound to thin with the Sennheiser HD800... I think i need a bigger amp to drive them. I move a lot, so portable gear is the only option for me. I will have to sell the HD800, if anyone is interested Thanks
Hey guys, where can i buy a pair of RHA T20 in-ear in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi ? I did see it on Jadopado.com, but i need theses on the week-end. thanks again !
I'm going to be in Dubai, for a week and i want to sell some stuff here, so last chance to get..   - Sony ZX2 with leather case   2 695 AED   - Aurisonics ASG 2.5 iem    1 700 AED   - DUNU DN-2000J  ( no box ) iem    780 AED   Everything is absolutely MINT condition.   I can sell separately the ASG 2.5,  but i do not want let it go the ZX2 without the ASG..     Thanks !
NEW PRICE !!!!    1750 Dirham or 480$ USD   For IEM------- AURISONICS ASG 2.5   Like new in box   IN DUBAI   Thanks guys
UP FOR SELL------- Cayin N6    asking for 450$ US ( come with Silicon case, and a 3ft Coaxial Fiio cable ) Sorry i don't have the original box.                         -------- Westone '' Customs'' ES5 with upgrade cable  Asking 450$ US   I'm planning to upgrade that's why.. Im in Bur Dubai.   Thanks
UP FOR SELL ----, brand new in-ear ASG-2.5 AURISONICS !!  Asking price  1990 Dihram or 550$ us   Can trade for iPad 128gb, Grado, or others iem plus cash$.   Limited one year warranty, new in the box ( just open the box to look inside, i have the receipt etc )...you save 810 Dirham !   Im near to Burjuman station, Bur Dubai.   Thanks
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