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and the question: is there such a headphone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth I've often stated that most headphones will get you 80% of the way there, sometimes more sometimes less but often times you get a whole lotta sounds even from earbuds. What the better and usually more expensive headphones provide is that last bit of percentage points, the subtleties and nuances of the music that the lower end stuff can't match, retrieve present undistorted etc. i remember that RS2 made me smile...
Quote: Originally Posted by michaelcooper5 What about a DAC, is this something I will have to purchase as well. I suggested 595 to my brother. He only had this integrated realtek or smthing. And till yesterday (when i brought my portable DAC/Amp to visit his 595) i felt guilty for suggesting bad phones. You will purchase DAC and an amp. I can feel it .. somehow.. in the future... YES ! It happens in January!
All words and discussions and science talks... pheww! It is time for some action! who is the first bold audiophiler who cuts off his/her ears to prevent them from messing with the soundwaves? Who is the first TRUE audiophile? (we (the chickens) could of course help him/her by creating a foundation that pays for cryogenic freezing of the ears in case he/she'll need them for .. later)
when i random-buy then i tend to loose some objectivity(con) but also listen to a record much more carefully(pro)... several times - to justify the purchase.
(not bought doesn't mean pirated)
studio-live. so everybody can be 100% making 1 music for that 1 music. - Daniel Owen - UK - Progressive / Metal - thats the one i think
how many hyperactive guitarists do you know? w. insomnia.
He is not very famous i think. He practices ALL THE TIME because he cannot sleep and is hyperactive. He plays now faster than his amplifier can produce the notes. thanks!
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