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apostle of hustle - national anthem of nowhere - NoNoNo nothing else is good enough for my delicate ears from that album. but thats a brilliant song.
but why pink noise? why not a sine wave going from 0-20000?
dont know about the engineering but the test models could be sent from a meet to another meet in a very big red box.. tagged fragile.
I would propose a motocycle helmet style of phones.. 2 numbers bigger than my head and the only places where there are no drivers are the eyes. Cmon chaps! To work!
but how expencive?
hm. it could be cheaper because the price will not be based on hype or brand name but only the production/developing cost - so it will be developed and tested by fanatics (that should save some money) could build them in .. kreplachistan or some place that still allows child labour
why not? use the collective mind and make one! hm.. could it be possible?
i recorded with a very nice mics, preamp and converter. it was just a band rehearsal. it sounded very nice. compressed to mp3 192, also amplified a bit. and oh my... like night and day really. i would give an example here but it is too late night to mess with the files. anyway believe you me - each click can most likely just harm the quality.. if you don't know exactly what you're doing. I also think that the difference between losless and 320 is unnoticeable because the...
I visited to my brother (a manic music collecor). He had so much stuff and i grabbed for myself only 100CDs from his zillion CDs (see- i actually didnt steal any). At home i got into filtering and the average was 1.5 tracks per record that i wanted to listen again later on. The artists were mostly unknown for me so no sentimental approvals. To M0ofassa: You better not tell me what i should do with my ears. I now HAVE series of singles. And i like each of them very...
There is too much music.. well, there is no "too much" considering all the people but certainly for one only person. The game rules: name an album that mostly sucks (IYHO) and the tracks that are worth a second listen. And please try to avoid debates
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