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Quote: Originally Posted by Shoewreck Do you seriously think that those who listen to cheap headphones actually need a better SQ? They are not aware of it.
but what if we quietly just follow them and find out where the dude lives.. and put the flyer in his mailbox... noo. thats too much. fortunately you dont know my RL identity..
oh. sorry, i am sober. i have no excuses
Flyers for the uninformed. If I see a dude walking by wearing philips shp250 or something like that i always have an urge to say to him/her "man, these really suck". But urges are for dogs and horses and other animals to follow. We, the People, have objectives. So instead of telling directly and avoiding kicks and punches afterwards we could give such poor uninformed music-lovers a cool, colour- and youthful flyer that says: "Man, your phones really suck big...
fact: money is expensive. oh. please only soundwise.
eh. i always felt that there is something wrong with 325i. just a little moddie and something gets much better.. and another thing worse for sure. but i am not very keen on glueing something to a 300$ phone
it sounds a bit like d5000 but i don't have my amp so i can't judge. the bass doesn't feel ok. anyway it is so easy to focus on the smallest details. so easy like just looking around. e: with bowls only the higher freq. sounds were like bundled all together and fighting for the right to be the first to land on the eardrums
keep the bowl pads on, add the flat pads on top.. no glue just yet.. and that's it. sound stage gets wider (no more that sort of bubble effect), the separation of instruments gets much better and the centered voice gets focused(or gets dragged out from head - i often felt like getting cross-eyed with bowls). the piercing sound is no more - highs are very much there but well separated and don't "scream". compared to flats only - much less bass but relaxed yet working...
tuxedomoon. but i think there is a bunch of nonsense too. and very crappy solos. but from 7 albums i got 15 pieces that are very very good and are occasionally a bit similar to what you pointed at. happy fishing
Tuxedomoon - Ship Of Fools - Atlantis a pearl among rocks.
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