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post count +1. techy talk here is kinda threadjacking, headphoneaddict! dont stop the fun
Quote: Originally Posted by BHTX However, the person who made the recording likely wanted it to sound a certain way, and I'd like to hear it that way too. Aside from all of that.. regardless of what a person "thinks it should sound like", that sound is of course an actual waveform. If a headphone modifies it substantially, it no longer sounds the same. so. the only way to really solve your problem is to make an global law that only 1 pair of...
Quote: Originally Posted by BHTX Why do I want to hear what the vocalist hears while he/she is singing? Hearing what was recorded, on the other hand, I'll go for that. If I'm listening to a recording of what a vocalist is hearing while the vocalist is singing, then yeah, that's what I want to hear. Like I said a minute ago, you're not getting it.. along with 95% here. I find this really odd, to say the least. i am happy that i dont get...
Quote: Originally Posted by BHTX You're missing the entire point. At an acoustic concert with instruments.. if they're in a large orchestra hall, I want to hear them there. If I'm at a typical rock concert with a very poorly implemented sound system cranked with ears bleeding, I want it that way. You don't get it - that will not happen.. ever. or maybe it will happen someday.. whatever. Just another reason to become comfortably obsessed.. or...
Quote: Originally Posted by userlander What you say is kind of contradictory, though. Because if the artist is trying to convey some particular message, emotion or idea, but the headphones aren't neutral and represent the sound differently than the artist intended, you might end up *not* hearing the message the artist is trying to convey at all. I can see this happening especially with classical music, but theoretically at least it could happen with all...
imagine how colored is the sound in live performances... yuck! all that room reflection, resonances.. it just drives me NUTS! wanna be a cubic in a cubic world... no sounds for me please. thanks, OP, for the those wise words.
Quote: Originally Posted by BHTX Upon using a combination of pink noise and a software based sinewave generator.. . They're ALL extremely "colored". Enjoy yourselves. I give up. DACs are colored cables are colored amps are colored headphones are colored : mics are colored cables again are colored mic-preamps are colored ADCs are colored and your ears are colored the most... and your brain is a darn rainbow
Hm. Wanting a bigger and better TV is normal when an elecronics shop shows a nice HD movie. When they only show some TV-channel then the customer only wants a bigger TV. I think when all the headphone makers unite to put one nice setup to all music shops around the world then the hi-fi market could grow very much.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoewreck Please, don't use head-fi address in your flyers, as that would affect head-fi reputation. i bask in the awareness of my idiocity. probably spelled it wrong too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoewreck Do you seriously think that those who listen to cheap headphones actually need a better SQ? They are not aware of it.
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