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i used to spend every year about 25-50$ to some stupid headphones. some broke in months, others got lost because they were so cheap. thats 250-500$ in ten years. i plan to live for 40 more years. so it would be reasonable to spend 1000-2000$ to a headphone rig. then there is no difference in wallet-wise but a big one in SQ. easy!
Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden Waltz For Ruth grados are capable of chocolate-sound too
Quote: Originally Posted by kaushama I know many people have bought it. Any place cheap than MRSP?? China. There are huge piles of HD800 waiting... waiting for the price go up in Europe.
Girls like Grado's look. But the sound is kinda special. 250 is quite a bit of money. Go to a good hi-fi shop, try them all(more thant 30 secs) and buy used here or ebay. Less chance for regrets. Don't trust other people's opinions here
that can be fixed if it is bothering too much... with a knife and a duct tape.
Quote: Originally Posted by fjrabon what the OP is talking about is kind of always what I've thought of as soundstage imaging. Yes. Thats what i am talking about.. I am curious why it's no good in some cases although the phone might have high detail and low distortion levels. When using flats with 325i there is no soundstage left but in general it gives more compact and whole impression. The stereo image comes more together.. not perfect but...
A little toying with my headphones has given me an impression that some hps with great detail/soundstage/flat freq. response doesn't have good focus. I am quite a noob but did a little research and couldn't find threads with that kind of topic. By focus i mean the feeling that the sound... one certain instrument is kinda "watchable". As it seems to be in one very excact point and I can easily put my attention to that exact point. For example- when using 325i with bowl...
buy used. buy cheap. try before buy. be a smart guy. bye!
Quote: Originally Posted by BHTX As with many things in life, there's really no best beyond a certain point, only different sets of flaws. This is especially true with audio. That is sad. How do you live?
Quote: Originally Posted by bangraman This post is coming from a Head-Fi member with 9,500 posts. You need a life. it took a minute but i am laughing my a** off now. thanks for a good mood
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