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I saw HD650 in a dance performance. One of the dancers had them on. He had some fast moves but the HP stayed on
Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) by Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny - sweet
thats what we did last summer. the idea was to quickly change the radio streams and to find some new exciting music. just to make sure there can be a moment of a great random music discovery whenever one wants one. RadioPump - shoutcast mp3 streams - click and switch take a look, this is the 1st version. we'll add some cool features in future. it might have some bugs and can be a bit laggy sometimes but generally it should work.
Jimmy Hendrix - "Fire" when the neighbours went out, granny was in the garden and brother eating dinner.... edit: i got the topic wrong hehe
Quote: Originally Posted by fuseboxx ^ I'm thinking the parts with the typewriter sounds and lady talking would be distracting though... ok. but when the book is interesting enough then the lady stays background. I did some reading with that and the lady wasn't a problem.
Max Richter - The blue notebooks. Goes for both - for reading and listening. Can't go wrong with that
I just want to say one thing.. only one thing I am going to say.. Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker@Carnegie Hall Thats all I'm going to say!
Quote: Originally Posted by salannelson I've always been interested in it. The only classical I have is this: So, what else do you suggest for me? oh. thats a good start! i used the 9th when the frustration and exchaustion started at spring exam sessions. i took the key to the dance hall (big speakers ) and turned the volume up... whoa! But try Medtner. He's got some very beautiful pieces for piano and also very clever and interesting...
the 1st position chords on guitar are the most influential bits of music. edit: so the guy that invented 6-string guitar with the standard tuning is the most influential musician. who is he?
You can also design your own pads for 325i.
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